Convenience Centers

CC Bathroom & Showers

We have 13 of the cleanest, best maintained restroom facilities of any resort campground around. And the showers, they’re HOT all day and all night long.

In the event of severe weather, it is recommended that all members and guests seek shelter in Convenience Centers. CC's 5 and 6 in Phase 3 have been rebuilt and hardened with help from a FEMA grant to withstand an EF-4 tornado with winds up to 250 mph.  Convenience Center 5 will hold 260 people and Convenience Center 6 will hold 210. For more information please review our Severe Weather Information.

2018/2019 Winter CC Schedule

Convenience Centers that will remain throughout the winter include:                                                  

Phase 1: CC 2 & Retail Laundry

Phase 3: CC 6 (Outdoor Pool & Laundry)

Phase 5: CC 11 (Laundry & Play Ground Area)

Phase 5/6: The Recreation Station

Phase 4: CC 10 (Near the soccer field)

Camping Reservations
October 1, 2019

Fall Festival
October 5, 2019

Seasonal Water Off
October 15, 2019

Seasonal Gates Close
November 1, 2019