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Holding Tank Tips

Water shut-off / turn-on

Water will be turned on annually on the Monday nearest April 15th and turned off annually on the Monday nearest October 15th depending on how the calendar falls and weather conditions. If freezing temperatures are present, water turn on and shut dates will be adjusted for safety.

Mark your water supply hose at the riser with your site number so you know to reconnect the correct hose each spring. A permanent marker or paint pen works best. Having your site number on your water supply hose and faucet also helps our maintenance staff should they need to replace or repair your water riser. There have been times when a neighbor has mistakenly turned the wrong water faucet on or off.

Tree removal

Tree removal on your site or in the green area must be approved by the Park Inspector. Please contact the inspector at 616.896.7286 for a permit.


Compactors are not for large items or leaves. Use the Phase 7 compactor only for large items and the leaf dump for leaves and tree branches, both are located across from the Public Safety Office. Please help keep the area around the compactors free of trash and other items.


Recycling Center Bins on are onsite from Memorial through Labor Day weekend and are located at the Recycling Center across from the Main Gate Entrance. We accept most standard co-mingled recyclables such as cardboard, paper, plastic, and glass. Please be sure to check the list posted on the recycle bins for the items we do and don’t accept.

Leaves and brush

A leaf/brush dump is located across the street from the Public Safety Office. Members may take loose or paper bagged leaves and brush only to this area. NO PLASTIC. Leaves and brush may not be put in or around the dumpsters. Maintenance will pick up leaves along the road in PAPER bags only. Brush must be stacked neatly with the ends toward the road.



Maintenance September News

The maintenance department will be trimming back branches on the roads this off season. We will trim the branches back to the trunk of the tree around 14ft high. Please come see us if you have any concerns.

Lake Treatments (Tues 8/25)

Lake Monterey is scheduled for spot treatments Tuesday 8/25/20. Watch for signs in treated areas, there will be no swimming bans. Upcoming treatments and additional information is available on our online calendar at PLM Lake Treatment

Lake Treatments (Mon 8/10)

Lake Monterey is scheduled for spot treatments Monday 8/10/20. Watch for signs in treated areas which may include swimming bans. Upcoming treatments and additional information is available on our online calendar at PLM Lake Treatment

Lake Treatment 7/27/20

Lake Monterey is scheduled for spot treatments on Monday 7/27/20. Watch for signs in treated areas which may include swimming bans. More information and our treatment schedule is available on our online calendar at PLM Lake Treatment

Maintenance August News

By: Ben Fifelski This season has been just a little bit different…to say the least. One thing we would like for you to keep in mind, if you did not return to Sandy Pines this season is to remember to have your site winterized, or at least checked on. There is always a possibility that…

Lake Monterey Spot Treatments

PLM & Lake Management Corp. will be onsite Monday, June 22 spot treating Lake Monterey. They will be working their way around the lake and treating areas needing attention. As they treat, the’ll post signage containing information and what’s being treated, chemicals being used and notifying of swimming bans if necessary. Typical swimming bans last…

Texting on a blanket

SMS Text Opt In

Sandy Pines has a new SMS text opt-in for Members, Associate Members, Guests, and Campers who would like park news, event updates, weather alerts, cancellations, and closures. To Opt-In:       Text “SANDYPINES” to 67283 To Opt-Out:    Text “STOP” to 67283 You can opt-in or out at any time. Text & data rates will…

Turning Trailer Water On

As you return this spring to reconnect water to you trailer, we’d like to offer some tips for getting things back up and running for the season. First and foremost, be 100% sure you’re connecting the correct hose to the water faucet (water riser) near the road. Ideally you marked your hose a the end…

North Shore Center Construction

March Maintenance News

By: Ben Fifelski North Shore Center Construction is on schedule with the North Shore Center FEMA Storm Shelter & Recreational Facility.  The helical piles and concrete foundations have been installed to support the foundations and building.  A 20,000-gallon concrete water reservoir has been installed to support the required fire suppression system.  The anticipated date…

Aerial Photo of new mini golf carpet

February Maintenance Update

By: Ben Fifelski Winter is always one of our busiest times of the season as we’re busy maintaining all the buildings, structures, and amenities that are utilized by members, guests, and campers all summer long.  One of our largest off season projects for the past few years has been updating water risers in each…

P&G Closed for Season
Sept. 26, 2020

Camping Rentals End
September 28, 2020

Color the Pines Camo
October 2-4, 2020

Allegan County Food Drive
August 27-October 15, 2020