Annual Renewals

Annual Renewals at Sandy Pines

Renewals will be open from January 16, 2023, through February 28, 2023.

Have questions? Please read our Frequently Asked Questions Below! You should be able to find the answer to most of your renewal questions there.

Please contact Member Service with any additional questions. You can reach them by phone at 616-896-8315, ext. 0, or via email to Member Service,

Frequently Asked Questions

a.  January 16, 2023 members will receive an email Welcome Letter from the Park President kicking off 2023 Renewals.

b.  January 16, 2023 members will also receive RAVE notices, social media posts, and Sandy Pines website updates kicking off 2023 Renewals.

c.  January 16, 2023 Renewal Links will be active on your Member Portal.

d.  Renewals will run from January 16 thru February 28, 2023.

a.  February 28, 2023 is the last day to update your 2023 Renewals.

b.  No changes or updates can be made after February 28, 2023.

c.  After February 28, 2023, if you have not logged into your portal to update your 2023 Renewals, items currently on your portal and membership account from 2022 will be carried over and charged accordingly.

d.  Member Service can NOT update your renewal items.

a.  2023 Renewals will be approved in the system from March 1 thru March 17.

b.  Our Staff will need approximately 2 weeks to complete the approval process.

c.  Pump Out schedules will start to be built March 20 – March 31.

d.  Finance will start the billing process starting March 20 – March 31.

a.  2023 Renewals will appear on your April 2023 Statements in your member account(s).

a.  Your 2023 Renewals will be located in your Member Portal as a link under the Renewals tab at the top of your page.

a.  Login to your portal.

b.  Click the RENEWALS link at the top of the page.

c.  Click on 2023 RENEWALS.

d.  Click on RETAIN next to the items, cards, member property, leases, and services you want to keep for 2023.

e.  Click on REMOVE next to items, cards, member property, leases and services not needed for 2023.

f.  Pump Outs can now be CHANGED – Click on your Pump Out Plan; if no CHANGE is needed, click RETAIN; IF you would like to CHANGE, select the new plan you would like for 2023 from the drop-down options.

g.  Pump Outs cannot be added at this time; they can only be RETAINED, REMOVED or CHANGED.

a.  Yes, you will receive an email confirmation showing a summary of the 2023 Renewals that have been approved.


a.  Your confirmation will be received mid-March 2023 after they have been approved in the system by staff.

a.  Your 2023 Renewals will appear on your April 2023 Statement.

b.  Your 2023 Renewals will be due April 25, 2023.

a.  You may make changes on your Member Portal under the MEMBERSHIP section at the top. We continue to encourage members to keep their portal information updated.


c.  These changes will be processed separately outside the 2023 Renewals.

d.  Changes made in this area are additions to your current membership items.

e.  Renewals are current items on your membership account today.

a.  2023 stickers will be dispersed the same as 2022 by Members picking them up.

b.  The Admin Office will be Open on select Saturday(s) prior to our May 13th return to Saturday hours for sticker pickup.

c.  Members will pick up their stickers in the Admin Building, confirm the correct stickers and sign off confirming receipt.

d.  Stay tuned for further dates, times, and communications for 2023 sticker pick up.

a.  Go to

b.  Click on Member Web Access

c.  Enter your Username and Password; Click Sign In

d.  Click on RENEWALS:

e.  Follow the Instructions.

f.  Click Submit.

g.  Your 2023 Renewals will be processed.

a.  To reset your Username, please call Member Service.

b.  They will have your Username on file in the system.

c.  They will NOT have access to your Password for security purposes.

d.  Write your Username down to record it for your next login.

a.  To reset your Password, you will need to login to your Member Portal.

b.  Enter your Username (if you forgot your Username, please call Member Service).


d.  Reset your Password.

e.  Write your new Password down to record it for your next login.