Mail Services

Mail & Parcel Delivery Service & Policy

Sandy Pines Members who would like to receive U.S. Mail and packages while in the park need a Sandy Pines Mailbox in the postal building located just north of the Public Safety Office at the main gate.  Cost is only $35 for annual rental. Members who choose to have packages delivered do so at their own risk, as Sandy Pines will not be responsible for any condition, visible or invisible of delivered packages.  Members who do not have assigned mailboxes cannot have mail or packages delivered to the postal or administration buildings.

Non-Member campers and Associate Members cannot receive U.S. Mail at Sandy Pines, nor can they have parcels delivered.

There are many details to know regarding use of the Sandy Pines Postal Building as follows:

  • Mailboxes are in the postal building, which is north of the main gate, Public Safety Office.
  • The postal building will be locked at all times and available only to mailbox holders with a proximity-enabled Member Card.
    • Proximity cards can be purchased at the Public Safety Office.  Cards are $20 when new and $15 to renew each spring.
  • The postal building is under electronic surveillance. The building will not be physically monitored, nor will Sandy Pines staff sign for or take responsibility for your parcels.
  • USPS will deliver mail in the mailboxes year-round, but you must check your mail regularly in order to keep receiving mail to your box.
  • In the spring and fall, when you are ready to return to or depart the Park, please complete a forwarding card for the Post Office and allow 2 to 3 weeks for the change to take effect.
  • If you are a mailbox holder, it is imperative to use the correct Sandy Pines address, otherwise your mail and packages will be returned to the sender. The correct address and format for mailbox holders is the following:

Your Name
2741 136th Avenue Unit # _______ (Your Mailbox Number)
Hopkins, MI 49328-9740

    • Note the difference between 2741 (your member mailbox address) and 2745 (Our Administration Building address). If you use 2745 136th Avenue when sending to your mailbox and/or the word “box” or “PO Box” your mail will be returned to the sender as anything with “box” in the address gets sorted as an official USPS PO Box.
  • Please use ONLY this address for packages as well. If they are too big to fit in your box, they will be placed in the front of the postal building on the floor or the shelves.
  • If you can select which courier delivers your parcels, please select United States Postal Service.
  • Please enable tracking services and notification for all parcels, especially if you receive medication or perishable items while at the park. Sandy Pines is not responsible for receipt or cold storage of any medications you have delivered.
  • Couriers will not leave tickets or messages in your box regarding packages.
  • Members are responsible for mail keys and will be billed if lost or not returned when cancelling service.
  • Please complete a “pink delivery ticket,” found in the postal building lobby. (See below.)  The ticket allows the USPS courier to leave your parcels without a signature.  If you prefer the package be taken to the Hopkins Post Office, please select that option on the ticket.
  • We also recommend putting a note in your mailbox when you leave for the season.  That way, if something arrives for you, it can be forwarded in your absence. It is also a good idea to place a written note in your box anytime you are on vacation or away from the park for a couple weeks or more.


Maximum Size: 22H x 14L x 9W Inches   Maximum weight: 25 pounds

Below is a list of alternate area shipping depots where you can have packages delivered:

  • Dorr Post Office
    1841  142nd Ave.
    Dorr, MI 49323
  • FedEx Office Print & Ship Center
    3347 Century Center St SW
    Grandville, MI 49418
  • Hamilton Post Office
    4668 Pine St.
    Hamilton, MI 49419
  • Hopkins Post Office
    107 W. Main Street
    Hopkins, MI 49328
  • The Shipping Dept.
    430 E. 8th St.
    Holland, MI 49423
  • Wayland Post Office
    325 Reno Dr.
    Wayland, MI 49348