July Incidents

In July of 2020 Security Services responded to 180 calls for service.  This reflects a 30% increase in volume from July of 2019.  The call types and numbers appear below.

  • Parking Complaints: 2
  • Open Door: 31
  • Abuse of Staff: 1
  • Reckless Driving: 4
  • General Assistance: 7
  • Traffic Complaint: 6
  • Vehicle Impound: 1
  • Boat Complaint: 7
  • Damage to Property: 2
  • Fireworks: 2
  • Illegal Entry: 10
  • Medical Emergency: 21
  • Lost/Found Property: 22
  • Animal Complaint: 8
  • Larceny: 4
  • Health & Safety: 2
  • Conduct Violation: 6
  • Noise Complaint: 9
  • Operate While Intoxicated: 2
  • Property Damage Accident: 6
  • Trespass: 4
  • Assist Other Agency: 1
  • Rule Violation: 6
  • Suspicious Incident: 2
  • Malicious Destruction of Property: 1
  • Alcohol Violation: 1
  • Hit and Run: 2
  • Drowning: 1
  • Neighbor Dispute: 2
  • Suicidal Person: 1
  • Lost Child: 1
  • Threats: 1
  • Building Alarm: 2
  • Careless Driving: 1
  • Curfew Violation: 1

Signs and Flags

Please refer to the following section from the Handbook/Rulebook for rules concerning signs.

VII. POSTING SIGNS (Amended 10/4/2013) Signs may not be posted on Park buildings, trees, or property without Park consent. A. For Sale Signs: 1. For Sale signs are permitted that are 8 ½ x 11 inches. 2. For Sale signs must be attached to the item that is for sale and must be located at the Member’s site. 3. For Sale signs may not be attached to trees or Park property. B. Election Signs: 1. Candidate, opinion or proposal signs: a. Election signs may be no larger than 18” x 24”. b. Election signs may be displayed 30 days prior to the election and must be removed seven days after the election. c. The candidate’s name may not appear more than twice on any membership for the advertisement for the election to an organization or Park Board. d. Only the member of Sandy Pines may place a candidate or proposal sign on their site. e. Election signs may be displayed on the member’s personal property. Personal property is the member’s shed, camping unit, porch enclosure, or vehicle parked on the member’s site. f. An election sign may be placed on a member’s personal auto or golf cart, provided the sign does not obstruct the vision of the driver. C. Election Flyers: 1. During elections, persons may discuss issues with members present on their sites. Persons may hand out flyers to those persons present on their site. 2. Persons may hand out flyers for elections in public places, such as Flea Markets or at a gate on the street. 3. Persons cannot hand out flyers or make available political flyers in Park buildings, leave flyers on vehicles or at a membership site, when members are not present. 4. In leased buildings, however, the lessee may determine what literature may be given out or displayed inside their establishment. 20 5. Individuals running for the Board of Directors, or those campaigning either for or against a proposal, may display signs in the Fourth of July parade. D. All Other types of signs: 1. All other signs must have consent from the Park President or Park Inspector to be displayed.

Any signs or flags which are offensive are prohibited.

Golf Cart License Plates

The Security Services Team is now scheduling appointments to pick up golf cart license plates.  Any Members who make an appointment to obtain plates are reminded to please have completed the online information prior to the appointment.

Volunteer Thank Yous

Security Services wishes to thank recent volunteers Don DeLano and Bob Griffin for their volunteer hours and contributions to the PSO Team.

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