Dairy Dip Announcement

Dairy Dip Announcement

Dear Sandy Pines,

It is time…

With the help of terrific people, I have operated the Dairy Dip for fifteen years. Every season our goal is to improve service, efficiency, and the experience of the young people who are our employees. The last few seasons have brought some big challenges. I’m proud of how our team adapted and overcame. You should be too. Many of those young people are your children and grandchildren. In the last couple of seasons, things have settled in. Changes we made have become established. We’ve “built back better”. That doesn’t mean we’re satisfied. There is always a better idea, better process, a way to improve. Always.

For me, as Rafiki from Lion King would say “It Is Time”. Time to move on, get out of the way, and turn the operation over to someone else. Someone who understands what the Dairy Dip means to the park, its members, and the kids who work there. It’s taken a while but I found that someone, it’s you.

Beginning in 2024 Sandy Pines will be operating the Dairy Dip. Dawn Doxey will stay on as manager at least through the 2024 season to assist in transition and training. Dawn has been at the Dip for 24 years. She trained me (an amazing feat) and every new employee for the last fifteen seasons. The Dairy Dip is in very, very good hands. I’ll be around off and on this season, to say my goodbyes. THANK YOU for the many memorable seasons at Sandy Pines!


On behalf of the Board of Directors and myself, we are pleased to announce Sandy Pines will absorb the Dairy Dip operations into our Sandy Pines operations. As stated above, we have been kicking this idea around for the last couple of years. We are excited to take the excellent foundation that Jim Warner has built, keep it going with a seamless transition and work to make improvements just as Jim has over the years! Jim, Thank You for all you have done for Sandy Pines over the years! You will be missed!

God Bless,


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