Website Update

As the season comes to an end, I will begin working on updating the Sandy Pines Website. The Sandy Pines Website is our main hub for all things Sandy Pines! As of right now it is a bit clunky and at times hard to navigate! As we begin the process of building a new website we would love our members input. Please email with any recommendations or requests that you may have for the new website! We hope to launch before the start of next season so all members have some time to browse the new site and acclimate themselves with where everything is at. The goal of this project is to make the website easier to use so you always know what is going on at Sandy Pines!

50th Anniversary Event Pictures

We hope you all had as much fun with the 50th Anniversary Celebrations as we did! We have heard your feedback in the 50th Events Survey and will refer to that information as we plan for next season. If you have any pictures you would like to share of any of our 50th Events this season, fireworks, sunsets, etc please email those images to Who knows, your image may just be our next Footprints Cover!

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