Sandy Pines Boat Measurement

Boat Guidelines Enforcement by Sandy Pines Public Safety Team

At Sandy Pines, ensuring the safety and compliance of our watercraft is paramount. Our diligent Public Safety team conducts regular checks on boats to ensure they adhere to our guidelines outlined in the Sandy Pines Handbook.

Key Guidelines:

🚤 Pontoon Boats: Pontoon boats must not exceed 24 feet in length. Our team measures the length of the pontoon boat deck from the front edge to the rear edge to verify compliance.

🛥️ Speed Boats: Speed boats are required to be within 20 feet in length. We measure speed boats from the tip of the bow/front to the end of the stern/back edge of the hull during inspections.

For detailed information on boat regulations and guidelines, please refer to the Sandy Pines Handbook.

Our commitment to safety ensures a pleasant and secure experience for all members of the Sandy Pines community. Thank you for your cooperation.

Note: Compliance with boat guidelines helps maintain the safety and integrity of our waterways.