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Member Service Mailbox

Parcel Delivery

Non-Member campers and Associate Members cannot receive parcels at Sandy Pines.  UPS, FedEx, USPS and Amazon will deliver parcels to Sandy Pines. When sending parcels it is important to use the correct address in the following format including your site number:

Sandy Pines C/O Your Name
2745 136th Avenue Site # (Your Site Number)
Hopkins, MI 49328

It is also important to note that while USPS will deliver parcels to members who don’t have a Sandy Pines mailbox they will not deliver letters, magazines and regular mail. Due to the growing popularity of free shipping, we experience an exceptionally high volume of package deliveries during the season. While Member Service staff are asked to sign for packages, this does not guarantee receipt, condition, nor acceptance of any certain package; we sign one time for multiple packages without knowledge of specific addressee or content.  We will not sign for perishable packages before April 15th or after October 15th without prior authorization  from the Member. We ask for your cooperation in adhering to the following mail policy:

Parcel Pick UpHours

Monday – Saturday    8:00am to 9:00am and 2:00pm to 4:00 pm   (Peak Season Saturday hours)
Monday – Friday         8:00am to 9:00am and 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm (Off Season)

Due to privacy standards, only Sandy Pines staff members are permitted to enter the mailroom.  Please ask for assistance.  We thank you for your patience if we are assisting other Members and guests.

Since most deliveries arrive through different carriers throughout the day, later pickup allows us time to sort, date and label the packages. Mailroom hours will be strictly enforced. For ease of remembering the rule, there will be no charge for parcels that fit the size and weight restrictions of TSA carry-on luggage regulations which state the following specifications:

Parcel Size & Weight Restrictions

If parcels exceed either the size or weight restrictions they’ll be issued a $5 handling charge. Packages that exceed 50 pounds and/or are a size that cannot be carried safely by one person may be returned to the sender as we don’t have the space to store larger packages. Please note your total shipping size & weight when ordering as packaging can significantly increase the size and weight of your product.

Maximum Size: 22H x 14L x 9W Inches
Maximum weight: 25 pounds

We reserve the right to apply storage charges for packages not collected within seven business days of their arrival. This charge is $5 per week up to a maximum of $20. If packages are left over four weeks they may be returned to sender or discarded. Unfortunately, we don’t have room for long term storage of packages. Those conducting business in the park or those who receive numerous packages per week are also subject to additional handling fees.  Our Member Service Team feels it’s important to offer this complimentary service to our members but we also feel it’s important to establish a policy so that the privilege is not abused.

US Postal Service (USPS Mail)

Non-Member campers and Associate Members cannot receive U.S. Mail at Sandy Pines.

The only way for Members to receive U.S. mail at the park is by renting a mailbox from Member Service for $35 per year. Mailboxes are located by the Ranger Station in the ATM/mail building. USPS will deliver mail in the boxes year-round but you must be in the park and/or checking your mail regularly in order to keep receiving mail at your box. In the spring & fall, when you are ready to return to or depart the Park, please turn in a forwarding card to the Post Office, and allow 2 to 3 weeks for the change to take effect.

If you are a mailbox holder, it is imperative to use the correct Sandy Pines address, otherwise your mail will be returned to the sender. The correct address and format for mailbox holders is the following:

Your Name
2741 136th Avenue Unit # _______ (Your Mailbox Number)
Hopkins, MI 49328-9740

Please use this address for packages as well.  If they are too big to fit in your box, they will be delivered to the Member Service mail room. Note the difference between 274”1” (your member mailbox address) and 274”5” (Our Administration Building address). If you use 2745 136th Avenue when sending to your mailbox and/or the word “box” or “PO Box” your mail will be returned to the sender as anything with “box” in the address gets sorted as an official USPS PO Box.

USPS is now delivering Amazon packages in addition to UPS. Due to this change, if you have a package delivered to the Member Service Mail Room, our USPS mail carrier is no longer able to place notification slips in your Sandy Pines Mailbox. This change affects all packages delivered to the Mail Room not just Amazon packages. We recommend enabling tracking services whenever possible, especially if you receive medication or perishable items while at the park. Most companies offer tracking services that will email or text you when your packages are delivered.

We also recommend putting a note in your mailbox when you're gone for the season.  That way, if something shows up in your mailbox, it can be forwarded in your absence. It's also a good idea to place a written note in your box anytime you're on vacation or away from the park for a couple weeks or more. Please also contact Member Service anytime you're away from the park on vacation in the event you receive any parcels at the office.

We will not sign for perishable packages before April 15th or after October 15th without prior authorization from the Member.

Members are responsible for mail keys and will be billed if lost or not returned when cancelling service. If you encounter issues or have further questions regarding mail delivery, contact the Wayland Post Office at 269-792-2371.

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