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Sandy Pines Safety & Security Committee and Public Safety Department


Golf cart registration and license plates


Registration of plates will begin on August 2019. Plates are required on all golf carts by August 2020.


Plate registration, inquires, and issues will be handled at the Sandy Pines Public Safety Office


The mission of both Security Services and Emergency Management is to provide a safe environment for Members, Associates and authorized guests.  Additionally, Security Services is tasked with preventing unauthorized use of Park resources and infrastructure.  Unauthorized persons and vehicles gaining entry into the Park present both a risk to authorized persons in the Park as well as placing a financial burden on both the company and Members.

Security Services has had numerous incidents involving unauthorized entry into the park by persons operating golf carts which are being brought in from the outside without authorization.  At this time, this unlawful access can be had by simply placing random or bogus site numbers on an unauthorized cart and driving into the Park from any of a number of unmanned and ungated access points.  These types of illegal entries are difficult to identify and investigate as there is nothing in the appearance of the carts site numbers or registrations which can quickly be identified as being bogus.  Security Services has identified numerous carts which have been gaining unauthorized access into the Park for some time, and probably for years.  In instances where the behavior of individuals has brought them to the attention of Security Services, such as reckless driving, driving while intoxicated, open containers of alcohol, etc., the persons on the carts have in several instances just fled outside the Park, leaving staff little recourse.  With the current system of stickers displaying a site number used for identification, the violator can simply place a different site sticker on the cart, and continue to make unauthorized entries into the Park.

The specific reasons for moving to a system of metal plates on the front and rear of the golf cart with an expiration sticker are:

  • To prevent unauthorized entry into the Park
  • To prevent unauthorized use of Park resources
  • To standardize cart registrations, display heights and display of numbers
  • To be able to quickly identify a cart which has been stolen or involved in criminal activity or rule violations
  • To prevent persons from owning more than two carts
  • To prevent persons from conducting unauthorized sales/rentals of carts by manipulating cart numbers
  • To provide a system to readily identifying carts with an expired registration
  • To improve the overall safety and security of members, associates and authorized guests


This page includes all of the information you need to know about the new policy, its implication, and the timeline for the project. Registration of plates begins on August 2019. Plates are required on all golf carts by August 2020. This provides everyone ample time to get educated on the process and get golf carts registered for new plates.

In the Golf Cart Registration Packet below, you'll find the letter from the Safety & Security Committee outlining the importance of this policy, the supporting Rational For License Plates from our Public Safety Office, installation instructions, and frequently asked questions.

Questions on the program are welcomed at monthly Face to Phase Meetings along with an Informational Meeting we'll be holding on Saturday, June 15 from 10:00 am-12:00 pm at the Phase 1 Pavilion.

Additional questions, issues and concerns can be addressed by contacting or visiting the Sandy Pines Public Safety Office.

Registration Packet

The Golf Cart Registration Packet includes all of the information you need to know on the new golf cart license plate policy and registration process. You'll also find quick link buttons to many of the key pieces of information, flowcharts, installation, and registration illustrations. Just click the packet for a PDF that you can bookmark or print for future reference!

Registration Flow Chart

Here's the step by step process with everything you need to know to get your golf cart registered. You can do it online at home or stop by the Public Safety Office at we'll help walk you through the process!

License Plate Informational Meeting

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact or visit the Sandy Pines Public Safety Office with if you have any additional questions at 616-896-9006 or

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