Boat Stakes

Boat Stakes & Docks

Please contact Member Service if you have boat stake inquiries. If you have any concern about your boat stake/dock position, please contact the Park Inspector’s office at (616) 896-7286 or by email at

Boat Stakes Sandy Pines Campground West Michigan

What is a boat stake?

Contrary to popular opinion, a boat stake is not made of wood or metal. For Sandy Pines purposes, a boat stake is a measured position at the waterline at which to park a watercraft. The post to which one moors their boat is simply that – a post. Boat stakes were put in place many years ago as a way to safely manage the number of boats on the lake. At only 262 total acres, it is imperative to manage lake use and limit wake.

Stakes were positioned via GPS measured longitude and latitude. The company that plotted the original stakes did not take accessibility and safety into consideration; they simply plotted stakes around the lake perimeter. Many stakes were plotted in areas that were too steep to access or in areas that do not have beaches or walkways. Around the lake, there are waypoints, which are stakes designated by 4” diameter concrete posts topped with numbered metal stamps. The waypoints serve as markers for measurement.

For stakes that were originally assignable, as time passed, posts got washed out during high water levels or members incorrectly measured their stake position. Many members placed posts where they assumed their stake was located. From time to time, this must be corrected, especially when new Members are assigned a stake, or a member wishes to install a dock. The Park Inspector locates stakes and results of the Inspector’s measurement may result in shifts in stake positions. This could affect one or more stakes in a given area. Erosion also takes a toll on stake positions and causes stakes to be retired. For more information about boat stakes, please see the FAQs below.

Sandy Pines Docks

Sandy Pines maintains 102 floating dock slips, in three locations: 16 slips in Phase 1 by the boat launch; 36 slips in 2 sets in Phase 2 northeast of the Picnic Shelter; 50 slips in 3 sets in Phase 4 on North Beach. Cost of a dock is $500.00 per year, billed with renewals in April. Members who have a Sandy Pines dock must complete a dock application and keep a current boat registration on file, and pay the cost of a water sticker. Docks may be surrendered at any time and cost is pro-rated to length of possession. Docks can be transferred with other site amenities upon sale. If the buyer is not interested in the dock, it is placed back in inventory and offered to the next Member on the waiting list. For more information, see the FAQs.

Waiting Lists For Stakes & Docks

We work as diligently as possible to move through the Boat Stake and Dock Waiting Lists. Working through each assignment takes time. The inspector must first verify the stake is assignable and mark it. If movement is needed, involved stake owners must be contacted and given time to re-position their posts or watercraft if needed. Then, the Member to whom the stake is offered is given time to look at the stake or dock location and make a decision.

Keep in mind, current staff and leadership inherited the system of boat stakes and we’re learning and adjusting to the best of our ability. It is vital that the Park Inspector has complete cooperation with Members in the locating and marking of boat stakes. Members caught moving markers or boat stakes will be reported to the Public Safety Office and may face fines and added points. Thank you for your patience.