Annual Renewals

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash


  1. Read all the renewal update instructions and contact Member Service if you have any questions.
  2. Login to your Member Web Access Portal to review and confirm your contact and account information.
  3. Double check your boat registration (if applicable) as you can upload your updated registration to your online renewal. You can also send it later if needed.
  4. Review pump out plans so you know which plan fits best for you if applicable.
  5. Complete your renewal! Please complete the online renewal even if you don't have any account changes. The form contains important park information and updated rates and services. We archive all online renewals which could help in the event of possible future billing issues.
  6. When contacting Member Service via email or phone with inquiries, please include your site number.
  7. Enjoy your 2020 season at Sandy Pines!
  8. Repeat annually.

Please read the annual renewal update instructions completely and make sure you have all your account information on hand before completing the form. If you have a boat, please make sure you have your updated registration on hand so you can upload it while completing the online form.


Renewal summaries are sent out annually in January to the email or physical address listed on your member account. If you have an email address on file, your notice will be sent electronically. If you don't receive your renewal notice by the first of February, please contact Member Service to confirm the contact information and mailing address listed on your member account.

Please note: Your renewal summary is not a bill. The total amount will be billed on your April statement with payment due April 25.  The deadline for renewal updates is March 16. We are not able to credit accounts for services charged or adjustments made after this date.

Our online form can be completed on any computer, tablet or smartphone. We recommend reviewing all of your Member Web Access account information and double check your boat registration before completing your annual renewal form. If your boat registration is out of date, you can upload your new registration on the renewal form. The new form walks you through your renewal summary step by step with updated park policies, information and pricing. Please do not return your renewal summary with a typed email reply or by writing information on your renewal summary, as you will miss important information. If you have questions or need a paper renewal form, contact Member Service 616-896-8315 Ext. 0 or at


You can view your renewal summary anytime by logging in to your Member Web Access Portal and clicking the Renewal Information tab. You can update your winter and summer addresses, phone numbers, access your annual renewal and account information, confirm your boat registration expiration dates, schedule guest passes, schedule pump outs, view electric meter readings, view park violations, complete staff surveys, schedule tee times, view billing items and make online payments. The beginning of the year (annual renewal time) is the best time to review all your Member Web Access account information. If we don't have your correct email, mailing address or phone number, you may miss renewal notices, bills and other park updates. Contact Member Service if you have username, password or login issues.

Online Renewal Summary Sample

The image above is a sample of what a renewal page looks like when logging into Member Web Access. Renewals are updated in real time on your Member Web Access renewal information summary. Once we make the changes, you can double check our work. While deleted membership cards will be removed, new membership cards added throughout the season will not show until the first of the year when we merge with our gate access database. Once you've added new membership cards to your account, please contact Public Safety Services for the most updated records.


Stickers are automatically mailed with your April statement to the primary address noted in your Member Web Access account, unless you request we hold them at the Main Gate Public Safety Office. Please note that prior year hold requests are not kept on file. Once stickers are mailed they become your responsibility and we must charge the full price for their replacement. If your boat registration expired prior to April 1, your boat sticker will not be mailed to you until we receive your updated registration. Your registration expiration date is listed on your renewal summary. If we receive your updated registration by March 13, your water sticker will be mailed with your April statement. Otherwise, for those with boat stakes and docks, in order to retain them, updated registrations are due by June 1.


Membership cards include member, associate, grandchild and recreation park access cards. All current membership cards are magnetic cards and contain a black magnetic strip on the back. Magnetic cards are $10 each to renew annually. Each membership gets one complimentary magnetic card with their annual renewal. Proximity cards are the new circular discs that can be affixed to your magnetic card to allow you park access by holding your card near proximity readers. Proximity cards are $5 at initial purchase and $5 each to renew annually in addition to the charge of your magnetic card. Membership cards cannot be canceled for credit after April 1, 2019. Purchasing of new membership cards are not related to renewals; they require a photo and must be purchased in person at the Main Gate Public Safety Office.


Pump out plans are offered at a discounted rate of $12.00 per pump out. Plan dates cannot be moved or substituted, thus plans aren’t the best option for everyone. You can schedule additional pump outs to supplement any plan. Plans are billed in full on April 1 with your annual renewal.  Please note:  All plan dates changed in 2020 due to the effect leap year had on the calendar.  Please carefully review the plan start and end dates - all have changed.


Please read the annual renewal update instructions completely and make sure you have all your account information on hand before completing the form. If you have a boat, please make sure you have your updated registration on hand so you can upload it while completing the online form.