Winterization Services

Sandy Pines Maintenance Staff offers winterization services to prepare your trailer for the winter season. We start taking winterization orders in mid-August and perform winterizations through mid-October.

If you need a Winterization Form you can stop by the Administration Office and grab one from Member Service!

We offer early discounts on winterizations performed on or before September 30th. Please note that keys must be on file by the 30th in order to get the early discount. The basic winterization includes blowing out your lines and adding antifreeze. Our winterizations also include a final pump-out. We are only able to accommodate 500 winterizations so the earlier you order the better. The deadline to order winterizations is by the water shut off date.

Please note water softener removal is not part of winterizing. Park & Garden will be contacting those with water softeners in regard to their removal. Visit the Water Softener Page for more information on that program.

Please see pricing by clicking on the WINTERIZATION FORM button below.

Winterization Order Form Instructions

Please complete your Winterization Order Form and return with keys, signature and date of departure if you would like winterizing service. Departure dates on or before September 30th will be eligible for discount pricing. Please note that keys must also be available prior to October 1 for the discount.

Please make your winterizing reservation early. We reserve the right to limit the number we will accept with departure dates after October 2nd.

Important information regarding winterizing services

  • Do not remove any water filter(s) if you have them.
  • Leave your water line/hoses connected to the trailer.
  • Remove all dishes & personal items from baths and sinks.
  • Make sure your site number is clearly marked on your water supply hose located at the water riser near the road so maintenance knows which water line is yours. If your water line is not clearly marked, maintenance will not be able to complete your winterization and you’ll be charged a $10.00 fee.
  • Keys to your trailer and porch must be left at the office.

Winterization will be done after the date of departure that you specify. Maintenance will leave a note in your trailer upon completion of your winterizing along with instructions for opening and reconnecting your water in the spring. Maintenance is not able winterize any trailer that has a hot water heater located on the porch or has a shared waterline with another trailer.

*Any winterizing guarantee, if offered, extends only to ruptured water pipes caused by freezing when this service can be performed in advance of freezing weather. We specifically do not warranty faucets, toilet valves, seals, loose fittings, leaks, hot water heaters, sprinkler controls, old or inferior water pipes, or appliances. Sandy pines reserves the right not to extend a winterizing guarantee in certain situations and after certain dates.

Winterization Checklist

  1. Please complete your winterization form and verify that all information is correct, your form is signed and includes your date of departure.
  2. Use the new illustration box on the top right hand corner of the order form to map out your riser, faucet, filter and sprinkler control locations if applicable.
  3. Double check that your water line at the water riser near the road is marked with your site number, otherwise maintenance won’t be able to complete your winterization and you’ll be charged a $10.00 fee.
  4. Please make sure to select your payment preference on your order form. If form of payment is not selected, we’ll bill your account by default. If you’ll be enclosing a check please mail your form and check together or bring it in to the office.
  5. If we’re billing your account and we currently have your keys on file you can complete and return your form by email, fax, mail or in person. If you are providing keys, please drop off your form and keys in person during normal business hours or by placing it in our drop box after hours so we get everything together.
  6. Make sure we have keys on file for your winterization. If we do not, please drop of or mail keys with your winterization order form. Keys must be on hand before we winterize your trailer.
Winterization Confirmation Sandy Pines Campground West Michigan

Winterization Confirmation

Once the Sandy Pines Maintenance Staff completes your winterization, they’ll sign and date a winterization confirmation form and put it on your counter. This form includes instructions for reconnecting your water line and turning water back on in the spring.