During our final board meeting of the season held on September 24, 2021, the Lake Committee once again provided an update of their findings this season. Chairperson Jim Buchanan presented a summary of recommendations to the board to evaluate. Projects ranged from capital to operational projects with some of the major ones being: Rip Rap along our dam and the chapel area to provide additional erosion of our shore line, smaller, non-canopy boat lifts, mandatory removal of docks, dredging survey and signage. Highlighted projects from this past season were also presented such as increased public safety presence on the lake enforcing rules, retiring double boat stakes, no wake time rule change, new buoys outlining distance boaters must keep from the shoreline and this section of our Footprints to help educate members about our lake. Thanks to everyone on our Lake Committee for their stewardship of making our number one asset, Lake Monterey, a sustainable, safe priority.

Yard Debris in the Lake

As the season comes to a close you will notice signs posted around the lake reminding members and contractors to keep yard debris out of the lake. We need everyone to do their part in keeping our lake clean. Yard debris such as leaves, grass clippings, sticks and most recently acorns take years to decompose and negatively impact our water quality and depth. Please bag or haul away all yard debris!

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