August Incidents

In August of 2020, Security Services responded to a total of 103 calls for service. This reflects a 36% increase in calls for service from August of 2019. Below are the call types and numbers.
Abuse of Staff: 2
Alarm, Security: 2
Alcohol Violation: 2
Animal Complaint: 4
Assist Other Agency: 4
Damage to Property: 2
Disorderly Conduct: 1
Domestic: 2
Fire: 2
General Assistance: 1
Larceny: 3
Lost/Found Property: 6
Boat Complaint: 2
Marine Rule Violation: 4
Malicious Destruction of Property: 1
Medical Emergency: 14
Death Investigation: 2
Missing Person: 1
Misc. Complaint: 1
Controlled Substance Violation: 1
Noise Complaint: 6
Unsecure Premise: 13
Property Damage Accident: 7
Reckless Driving: 2
Misc. Rule Violation: 6
Suspicious Incident: 7
Unauthorized Dumping: 1
Illegal Entry: 4
Check Welfare: 1

Gate Closures

End of season closing of gates is planned for November 1st. Boat Removal Boats should be off the lake by November 1st. Golf Cart License Plates The PSO Office will continue to issue license plates by appointments as permitted by weather.

Thank You Sgt. Bruce Maurer

Bruce Maurer has announced his retirement effective on September 30th. Bruce has been a dedicated employee of Sandy Pines for 15 years, and we thank him for his work ethic and dedication to the Members and Park. Bruce will be remembered for several things. First, he shows up so early to work that it has been questioned whether he ever actually leaves. Second, his fondness for beef sticks.

Bruce plans on travel with his wife of 44 years and completing some home projects when retired. Bruce has also been a Firefighter with Allegan Fire District for 25 years and plans on continuing in this role. We thank Bruce for his years of service to the Allegan Community.

Bruce, thank you for your service and best wishes for you and your family in retirement. You will be missed.

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