Seasonal Camping Sites & Prices

Seasonal Camping West Michigan Resort Campground

Seasonal Camp Sites

Sandy Pines has 12 campsites available to rent for an entire season. Those who contract for this extended stay option can enjoy all the great amenities of the park without the obligations of membership. Sites become available on the first Monday in October for the following season. Site holders will be selected by a random draw and are contingent on completion of a contract and passing of a background check ($75).

What’s Included

  • Water and electric hookup from April 15th thru October 15th
  • Guest sign-in privileges (requires a $5 pass per car )
  • 2 Magnetic gate entry cards
  • 2 vehicle stickers
  • Golf (other golf related fees are required. Call for further details.)
  • 1 pump out per week
  • A seepage pit for only gray water
  • Recreational Activities
  • Use of park amenities


Site Price
580 $4,305
581 $4,305
625 $4,620
794 $4,830
981 $4,830
1108 $3,990
1109 $3,990
1183 $4,830
1258 $4,305
K-125 $5,355
K-354 $5,040
K-356 $5,040

Other Costs

  • Golf Cart, Moped, Kayak & Boat Registrations
  • Electric – $400 deposit (money refunded if not used at the end of the season.)
  • Propane
  • Winter Storage – $130

More Info

Have Questions? Want more info including available sites and pricing? Contact our Camping Office, or 616-896-8315, ext. 103. On the Sandy Pines map, you will note the Seasonal Sites are color coded in dark orange.