Seasonal sites are no longer available for the 2019 season.

Site# Price
580 $3500.00
581 $3500.00
625 $3800.00
794 $4000.00
981 $4000.00
1108 $3200.00
1109 $3200.00
1183 $4000.00
1258 $3500.00
K-125 $4500.00
K-354 $4200.00
K-356 $4200.00


RE: General Agreement


The Guest Camper(s) of this seasonal extended stay camping program acknowledges receipt of the Sandy Pines Wilderness Trails rules and agrees to abide by all rules set forth by the Board of Directors, now and during the period of time as a Guest Camper.

The undersigned signatures acknowledge and agree that any abuse of these rules may lead to loss of privileges, fines and possibly loss of camping privileges. In the case of loss of camping privileges prior to the October 15, the undersigned signed agrees that they understand that no refunds will be paid and any charges exceeding deposits for electrical use, damage charges, or fines, will be charged to the credit card on file.

Occupancy or term of use, is for one season only. The typical season is defined as beginning on April 15 and ending on October 15. These dates may vary, weather permitting, the turning on of the water in Mid-April and the ability to leave the water on until Mid-October. Water and electric hookup maintenance is the responsibility of the Guest Camper. One Pump out per week of my black water will be included in my seasonal fee. I understand that I will pay current rates or emergency rates for additional pump outs if required. A seepage pit will be provided by Sandy Pines, and installed on the site if there is none.

Guest Camper(s) are not allowed to build any structures such as sheds, porches, decks, without written permission. All units coming in to the Park must be inspected and approved, by the Park Inspector prior to, or concurrent with, obtaining a permit to place your trailer, or RV unit.

The campsite must be kept mowed and free of debris. When vacated, the site must be left in a condition equal to its condition upon arrival to avoid any extra charges levied for cleaning or repairing the site.

Seasonal Fees are nonrefundable or subject to proration.

This Extended Stay campsite rental program entitles the undersigned the following;

Extended Stay Campers will receive Sign In privileges for guests only when the Extended Stay Camper is present in the Park. Guests will have full use of park facilities.

2)   Two magnetic cards for gate entry and two vehicle stickers.

3)   Membership Golf privileges for the Undersigned only. Normal rates apply to all other family and friends.

Electricity will be available to the site during the camping season only and will require a $400 deposit at the beginning of the season. Sandy Pines shall reserve the right to read the meter from time to time, as it deems necessary to determine the electrical use by the Guest Camper(s).  Sandy Pines will issue a “due upon receipt” invoice for use in excess of the deposit or refund any amounts less than the deposit.

I acknowledge and understand that as an Extended Stay Camper, I/we have no voting privileges in any matters of membership actions, meetings, ballots or officer issues relating to Sandy Pines Wilderness Trails.

Sandy Pines reserves the right to change these rules, policies and procedures at any time without notice.

Acknowledgement Signature(s)___________________________ Date ____________ Site#_________

Signature(s)___________________________ Date ____________ Site#_________



RE: Letter of Understanding

For the privilege to be an Extended Stay Camper at Sandy Pines Wilderness Trails, Inc., on site #_______:

I ___________________________________, agree to the following conditions. In the event that I, my family and/or any guests under my supervision violate any of the following conditions, I agree and understand that further use of my camping privileges may be revoked immediately and without notice.

1)            I agree to accept the site I’ve chosen on an “as is” basis. Further I promise to leave the site as it was found upon arriving, immediately upon completion of the season (no later than October 15). I will preserve and protect the campsite, my person or property, and the person or property of others during my stay. I agree and understand failure to comply with the terms of this agreement will result in the forfeiture of my rental fees and deposit. I agree to be legally and financially liable for all costs of repairs to the site and/or other Sandy Pines property and for the loss, damage and/or injuries to my person or property and the persons or property of others regardless of fault. Initial_________

2)            I agree to hold harmless, defend and indemnify Sandy Pines, its directors, officers, representatives, employees and agents for any and all damages and claims of any nature whatsoever that may arise from the use of site #_________ during the time of the rental period, including, but not limited to, claims for damages to, my person or property and the persons and property of others. Initial_________

3)            I agree to become familiar with all the rules and policies of Sandy Pines and understand I am fully responsible to oversee the rules and policies compliance for my family, my friends and guests that are in the park at my invitation. Initial________

4)            I understand that I may utilize a golf cart, moped, boat (motorized or non-motorized), kayak, or paddleboat that are compliant with the standards set forth in the rule book, while I am in the Extended Stay camping program. I also understand that I must purchase all stickers required to have these items in the park, including, but not limited to: land stickers, boat dock fees, golf cart, kayak, and paddle boat stickers. Further, I understand that I, and/or persons under my supervision, will comply with all state, local, and Sandy Pines Rules and Policies at all times and that I will provide proof Liability Coverage for a minimum of $300,000.00 that I will remain in force while I am in the program at Sandy Pines . Initial________

5)            I agree that only persons who are at least 18 years of age or older, possess a valid driver’s license and insurance, as required by law, or those children of the undersigned Seasonal Camper that have (a) reached the minimum age of 12 and (b) have passed the golf cart testing process provided by the Rangers, shall be permitted to drive a golf cart. Initial________

6)            I understand and agree that the use of Sandy Pines facilities, properties and amenities will not be available for my use in the off season months, with the exception of access granted to me for the purpose to inspect my personal property if I have met the requirements for off-season storage.

7)            A joint seasonal membership is a married couple or two (2) single adult individuals. This membership rule must be adhered to for the entire length of membership. It is our understanding, that if at any time during our membership, our joint status changes, we will notify Sandy Pines immediately in writing and take appropriate action to conform with this rule. It is our understanding that any violation of this rule could jeopardize our rights as a seasonal member of Sandy Pines.  Initial________