The Sales Department has been busier than we ever expected.  We no longer have any open lots to sell.  We are selling about 1 trailer per day right now and are showing sites all the time.  With all that is happening I am happy to announce that we have added Jenny Austhof to our sales team!  Jenny comes with over 30 years of being a member herself and a love of the park!  Jenny is Married and has two children who have all been raised here at the Pines.  Jenny has worked in the Recreation department and really enjoys the people of the park.  We are so glad she has accepted this sales position on the sales team.

We now have a cell phone that is designated for the sales department.  The phone number is:  616-600-3756.  We will now have someone manning the phone all the time and it will be easier and a better way to reach any of the sales team:  Austin, Mary or Jenny.

Thank you for your patience while we are getting caught back up in the office.  The sales are going great with the Dotloop electronic signature program.  We are able to get all the paperwork done before we meet in person and keeps the face to face time to a minimum which is very important during this pandemic.

It has been a year of learning and changes in the Sales Department.  Every day we are learning and improving on our sales procedures.  I am looking forward to working with this new team!

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