By Liz Robins

The North Shore Storm Shelter is now complete!! The Sandy Pines Storm Committee has worked with the architect to design a multi-purpose two story storm shelter. Located in Phase 4, this shelter is engineered to P-361 FEMA and ICC storm shelter construction standards. The Sandy Pines Events Department is excited to use this space for special events! Currently, members only are welcome to book events such as wedding receptions, birthdays, graduations, holiday parties etc. Members will be charged a fee to rent out the building for special events. If you need to schedule an event, please contact myself, Liz Robins at 616-896-8315 ext. 113.The pricing and specific usage of the spaces are still being determined. We have many member events throughout Sandy Pines that are already taking place, sewing, euchre, bible study etc. Friendly reminder to keep our new facility nice and tidy, please pick up/ clean up after use. Cleaning will be included in the rental fee for special events. We are looking forward to many new memories created in the beautiful multi-purpose building. The Sandy Pines Events Department would like your input regarding event rentals in the North Shore Center. Please go to to make your opinions known. The survey should only take around five minutes. We appreciate your time and input! We will make keep the community up to date as we finalize some information.

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