COVID-19 Update

By Steve Deyarmond

COVID-19 Precautions

The 2021 camping season is approaching quickly. Our thoughts and hopes of a COVID-19 free camping season does not appear to be possible. Michigan is presently having a surge in COVID infections and some hospitals are nearing capacity for COVID cases. The hope is immunizations to get on track for normalcy.

Yes, we are located in Allegan County in a rural and often quiet community. Sometimes we think that we are segregated from the pandemic and feel the virus is not in our community. With the mixing pot of persons from various communities throughout the State we possibly have more potential to be subjected to the virus than in other communities.

An expectation that Members take precautions and actions to provide safety to reduce the spread is still present. It is not how you feel or think of the COVID- 19 Virus, but also how your actions impact others. Please do your part to protect yourself and others by wearing a mask, washing your hands frequently, maintaining six feet and social distancing from others. Please utilize masks when visiting our facilities, restrooms, laundries and departments. Our individual actions and decisions are moment by moment. If you fail to take protective actions, take a moment to correct yourself and do the right thing. We are all human and at times we become lax. Yes, we are tired of wearing masks, and abiding by the restrictions, however, we need to be vigilant as we do our daily tasks to not only provide safety to ourselves, but others.

COVID-19 is no different than other transmitted diseases in which personal hygiene and precautions assist in the prevention of transmission. Taking precautions and utilizing face masks is being respectful in protecting others and providing safety.

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