Public Safety Services

Public Safety Main Gate 01

The Public Safety Officers are made up of people with backgrounds as Police Officers, Fireman, and Paramedics who are all here to serve the Sandy Pines Community to the best of their ability. The Public Safety Patrol staff is trained in First Aid, CPR and use of an AED. We have 6 full time officers, 5 part time officers, and many seasonal officers.

If you have an emergency please call 911 first and then the Public Safety Office at 616.896.9006! Our medically trained staff is able to respond faster.


Office Hours

Main Gate
24 hours/day, 365 days/year
Please call ahead to make an appointment.

Phase 3 Gate
(Open between Memorial Day & Labor Day Weekend)

Contact Information

Telephone: (616) 896-9006

Emergency Services Director:
Steve Deyarmond

Security Services Director:
Keith Garvelink



Public Safety News

Security News November 2021

Call Statistics and Type for September 2021 In September of 2021, Security Services responded to a total of 73 calls for service. The call types and information appear below. Alcohol Violation: 1 Assist Other Agency: 1 Curfew Violation: 1 General Assistance: 2 Health and Safety: 2 Larceny: 1 Lost and Found: 2 Marine/Boat Complaint: 1…

Public Safety & Security News October 2021

Call statistics and type for August 2021 Security Services responded to 100 calls for service in August 2021. The call types and numbers appear below. Open Door: 25 Boat Violation: 3 Traffic Complaint: 2 Illegal Entry: 7 Lost/Found Property: 7 Medical: 12 Reckless Driving: 1 Harassment: 1 Suspicious Incident: 8 Careless Driving: 1 Property Damage…

COVID Update 9/4/21

To Our Valued Sandy Pines Members and Community: As you are aware through numerous communications over the last year, Sandy Pines continues to have in place a COVID-19 Emergency Plan and Procedure which meets MIOSHA and MDHHS requirements. Sandy Pines’ leadership continues to work with the Allegan County Health Department (“ACHD”) and MIOSHA reviewing these…

Security News August

June 2021 Incident Numbers and Call Types June of 2021 was an extremely busy month for Security Services. The total number of incidents responded to was 167. A breakdown of calls in each phase is as follows: Phase 1: 51 Phase 2: 25 Phase 3: 16 Phase 4: 36 Phase 5: 21 Phase 6: 16…

Update On Boat Rule Change

Last week an email sent included an error. The recreational sport of surfing is not banned. The motion that was passed specifically bans ballast filling not the sport. The actual rule reads as follows: Effective immediately temporarily suspend the ballast functions and usage of the ballast functions or any alterations to any boat trying to produce waves for wake surfing for the…

Security News July 2021

By Keith Garvelik Call Numbers & Statistics Call statistics and type for the Month of May 2021 In May of 2021, Security Services responded to a total of 131 calls for service. The call types and numbers appear below. Lost/Found Property: 9 Illegal Entry: 10 Reckless Driving: 7 Missing Child: 2 Disorderly Conduct: 4…

Security News May 2021

By Keith Garvelink Call Numbers & Statistics In March of 2021, Security Services responded to a total of 49 requests for service. The call types and numbers appear below: Abuse of Staff: 1 Alarm, Security: 2 Damage to Property: 1 General Assistance Call: 6 Lost/Found Property: 4 Medical: 1 Open Door: 19 Suspicious Incident:…

COVID Update 4/27/21

To our valued Sandy Pines Members and Community: As you are aware, the number of COVID-19 cases continue to rise throughout the State of Michigan as well as Allegan County.  With our official opening of the park taking place on April 15, 2021, we have seen much activity within the park by members returning from…

Security News April 21

By Keith Garvelink Office Hours Emergency Security Staff is onsite 24 hours/day. Call Numbers & Statistics In February of 2021, Security Services responded to a total of 48 calls for service. This reflects a 7% decrease from February of 2020, and a 167% increase from February of 2019. Extreme weather during much of the…

Snowmobile Park Rules and Guidelines

With all of the snowfall coming down we wanted to remind members of our snowmobile park rules. The Sandy Pines rules for Snowmobiles are as follows: Must be operated on Park roads, designated snowmobile trails and Park designated areas. Must be driven in a safe manner and comply with Park speed of 10 mph. May…

Annual Election
August 21, 2021

Labor Day Tournaments
September 3-5, 2021

Pancake Breakfast
September 4, 2021

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September 4, 2021