Happy Thanksgiving from your dedicated team at Sandy Pines. The month of November is a time to be thankful. The year of 2020 has been challenging to say the least. However, we still have much to be thankful for. My family and hopefully yours spent more time at family dinners, board games and other activities together then we have
in a very long time. This is a blessing to us as our children continue to grow and reach the point sooner rather than later of leaving our house to venture on their own journeys. This is exciting for them and sad for us as parents. We were able to have a season at Sandy Pines this year. This was our first season in the park. Although we had to modify some of our activities and events, it was wonderful to spend time meeting members who were just happy to be in our beautiful park. Our rounds of golf at LMGC were up and it was fun watching people enjoy the hard work Gary Peters and the team put into the course. We are thankful for our entire hard-working staff who endured a challenging year protecting, managing, and getting the park ready to the level our members expect. With everything we have to be thankful for, we still have work to do in the offseason.

Strategic Planning Session

This month we will be holding our 2nd Annual Strategic Planning session. We will be pulling the team together to discuss Things Gone Right, Things to Improve, review department surveys and discuss 2021 goals. This was well received by the team last year. We will review input provided and focus on improvements for our 2021 season.

Sales Department Update

An area we will are changing for 2021 is our Sales Department. Our vision, based on member (new and old) and internal feedback, is to improve the customer experience while becoming more aligned with market commissions. This restructure will be led by our new Sales and Events Manager Elizabeth Robins. Liz comes to Sandy Pines with many years of customer service, sales, and people leadership. Liz will be tasked with improving our customer service, overall experience and hiring the right sales
team to meet our member’s needs. Her initial ideas shared with us were very exciting. Liz is a mother of three beautiful daughters and has been happily married for 23 years to her best friend. Liz is excited to be a part of this awesome team and wonderful park. Please stay tuned as we introduce exciting changes to the sales area including a commission reduction for selling through the new Sandy Pines Sales Team.

North Shore Center

The North Shore building continues to see strides toward finishing well in advance of our 50th Anniversary season, opening in April 2021. The Team continues to do walk through progress reviews with our contractors and township, county and state officials. Dry wall, fixtures and other finishing touches will take place this month.

Cart Bridge

There has been much talk about the cart bridge project we plan to begin during the off season to bridge Phase 3 and Phase 6 over 26th Avenue. This project was highlighted as a safety project a few years ago when a seasonal employee was struck by a vehicle between Phase 3 and Phase 6. This will ensure our members can safely cross over a county road which has seen increased traffic over the years. As many of you would agree, there is no replacement for a loss of life and when a loss of life happens, it is too late to prevent such an event from taking place. Although the park has not seen a loss of life or a tragic event yet, this project will safely allow our
members to travel between phases. An example of one of the designs we are reviewing with the county is seen pictured above.

License Plate Registration

Our goal was to have all license plates registered with their new license plates by April 2020. This was obviously delayed and set behind schedule due to COVID. The timing was then adjusted to the end of this season. As discussed at prior Board of Director meetings, we would collect the data to make a determination as to when to start enforcing the new license plate rules. Based on data provided by our Public Safety Office approximately one-third of our members have completed this process. Thank You to those members that made this a priority this year. Based on the information now on hand, the park will start its communication for 2021 that license plates must be registered, affixed to your carts and rules will be enforced at the end of the 2021 season.

Community Outreach

Last year our new HR Manager Jamie Bogema started to establish a community outreach program for our surrounding neighbors. The goal of this program was to share with the communities our Sandy Pines spirit and generosity our members see every day during the season. COVID-19 put a damper on this program earlier this year.
However, this month it will not stop Jamie and the team. The Sandy Pines team will be adopting 2-3 families this year for the Thanksgiving holiday. We will be delivering safely while social distancing full Thanksgiving Day food items so families in need can celebrate this wonderful holiday. Thank you to Jamie and the rest of the team for their caring and sharing!

Thank You

We thank the Board of Directors and our Members for allowing us to continue to serve you during this off season. This is the time to plan, prep and be ready to execute next season in celebration of our 50th Anniversary.

Lastly, when it is time to give thanks at your Thanksgiving table, take time to be most thankful to our Lord and Savior who has blessed us with this wonderful park, golf course, members, board, and staff. I am most Thankful that God has a plan for all of us and part of His plan for me includes our Happy Place at Sandy Pines. We pray our Lord God touches those who are in need this Thanksgiving, those who are continued to be blessed for all they have and do and who may be struggling with health or other issues during this time of Covid-19.

God Bless and Happy Thanksgiving

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