lawn mower inspection clean up

It’s already September and before you know it, the Park will start to go into shut down mode again. It has been a busy season with all kinds of building going on in the park. As a reminder, if you have not returned your permit, please get them turned in as soon as your project is complete.

With all the new members that have bought into the park this season I really encourage everyone to read and understand the Rulebook/Handbook which can be found at This will help when you get ready to do a project, but as always, if you have any questions when you are preparing to do a project, feel free to get in touch with us, and we’ll help you thru the steps. A good rule of thumb is if you wonder if you need a permit for a project you probably do. Also, if you have a contractor do the work or you do it yourself make sure the permit is pulled before the work begins. There have been many questions about gazebos on porches and decks, there still needs to be a minimum of 4 feet from your unit per state fire code. And a permit through Sandy Pines needs to be pulled.

We have been working on removing a bunch of dead trees in the green areas. It will take a long time to get to them all, but we are doing our best to get to the worst ones, first. Please remember we need to keep our lots cleaned up to avoid a site clean-up violation. This is in effect until Labor Day, so please keep your lot neat and tidy to avoid any possible fines.

We’ve also spend a lot of time going back to reflag boat stakes because they have been pulled. Remember, do not remove a flag off a boat stake unless it has your number on it. This winter we’re going to look into some different methods of making the boat stakes easier to identify.

If you need to have your lot lines marked, or need me to find your boat stake, a permit is required for this.

Again, thank you for a great season and your patience as I made the move into my new role. Also, if you see Becky Yoder around the park make sure you say hi and thank her for all she does in the park and in our office.

Enjoy the rest of your season and I hope to see you around the park.

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