Just a short time ago we were opening the store and delivering water softeners to member in the park. Now it is time to close up.

A special Thank You to Chet Ryan for his service to the park through his work at the Park and Garden. He is still remaining as a member of the park but wants to now spend more time relaxing. Thank You Chet for all the great work.

The water softener program was very successful this year and looks like we will have an increase in the number of softeners again next year. Remember that when you use the Park and Garden store, rental office, or marina you are helping Sandy Pines as the profit from our sales goes back into the Park funds. We are still providing bulk products and propane even though you don’t see them out in front of the store. If you haven’t ordered your softener for next year you can still do so by sending at email to ParkGarden@SandyPines.com requesting a softener for next season. We will respond to your email and get the contract ready for next year. URL for contract https://sandypines.com/wpcontent/uploads/Water-Softener-Contract-2022-Update-1.pdf

The Park and Garden staff will be spending the first two weeks of October picking up the softeners from the members sites. If your is ready for pickup and we haven’t got to it yet don’t worry as we have over 200 to pick up and it will take a few days.

We are always looking for new items to provide for the park members, guests, and campers. If you have any ideas for items you may wish to rent please email the ParkGarden@SandyPines.com.

Have a great and safe winter season and we will see you again in April 2022.

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