It seems like only yesterday that we opened the Park & Garden store for the 2021 season and now we are looking at the last 2 months of being open.

We have added a lot of products to help with mosquitoes if you still have not found an answer. We have sprays for the lots, individual spray and torches with Citronella fuel. We also have the Triazicide that was posted on the Facebook page.

We are now approaching Christmas in August and if you are looking for lights to decorate your lot with for the celebration, stop by the store. We have lots of different light strings available for decorating.

Water Softeners

We want to thank all the park members who supported our Water Softener program again this year. We hit another record even though we had problems in getting enough tanks to supply our members. We are beginning to take the orders for next year’s softeners. Remember, in order to receive the $20 discount, you must place your order before October 15th. It would be great if you stopped by the store and filled out the contract.

We will again start picking up softeners as you leave the park and would appreciate you stopping by and filling out the form for the date we can pick up the softener.

P&G Store

We still have bagged mulch in Red and Black and Topsoil and potting soil in bags. We will continue to sell bulk stone and mulch until the end of September.

We still have a supply of clothing – both Sandy Pines Logo and 50th Anniversary in stock at the store.


The Marina will remain open on Wednesday and Friday through Labor Day, and we continue Saturday and Sunday hours until the end of September. Wednesday and Friday hours are 5 pm to 8 pm and Saturday and Sunday are noon to 5 pm. If you want to rent paddle boards or kayaks at any other time, please stop by the rental office and we will make arrangements for your rental.

Golf Carts

Golf Carts will be available through September both by reserving at our office or with our online reservation system. Remember that Christmas in August is already filled, and Labor Day weekend is getting close to being all rented.

Boat Removal

We will be taking boats out of the lake until October 10th. Please call and make a reservation for a time to get your boat out to your site.

Thank You

Thank you to the Park & Garden staff for all the great work they did again this year. Tula Walther, Hunter Collison, Barb Glass, John Glass, Chet Ryan, Lynn Carcione, Carol Brower, and Assistant Manager Dale Yoder.

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