By: Ben Fifelski

This season has been just a little bit different…to say the least. One thing we would like for you to keep in mind, if you did not return to Sandy Pines this season is to remember to have your site winterized, or at least checked on. There is always a possibility that someone may have hooked up the wrong hose and water was run in your trailer. It is a good idea not to take a chance that your trailer will still be good for another winter, even though you were not here. Please remember the Maintenance Team can only do a certain number of winterizings, and it is always on a first come…first served basis.

The hot weather this season has impacted the electric here at Sandy Pines and in other areas, as well. We have been in contact with Consumer’s Energy. They have installed new regulators to help provide you with adequate power. If you call Consumer’s Energy about a major power outage, please give them this address when they ask: 3681 – 28th Street, Dorr, MI 49323. You need to tell dispatch to have the Consumer’s Energy crew report directly to the Public Safety Office for further instructions. This will help with the Consumer’s Energy response time, and hopefully eliminate any confusion. This is only for major outages. Please contact the Maintenance Department during business hours and the Public Safety Office after business hours.

REMINDER: Please do not place items around the outside of the compactors in the park. This is unsightly and causes more work for the Maintenance Team to keep our park clean.

Thank you to everyone who volunteers their time to help keep our beautiful park clean. You are appreciated and the park looks great when everyone lends a hand.

God Bless…

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