LMGC Sprinklers & Sunset

The course did not do too bad from the flood. The biggest help was the lake was very low, so the lake picked up over half of the water which would have flooded the course even more.

The heavy rains did bring back a few hot spots on the course. With all of the slicing and aerification done on the course, we are seeing he results this year with better turf. Over the last three years we have had water issues with the pumps breaking.
We finally have water that we can rely on and know that each head will put out the right amount every time. Also, the over seeding came in the best on sixth fairway.

The staff also raised the height of cut by a 1/8 inch on fairways which also helps. All these things the staff does over time will have big benefits. Also, we have had half the cart traffic on the course this year. This is the first year we put rough fertilizer on. It has been out for two weeks during the drought. So, when the rain came the rough took off and it should slow down in a week or two.

As we made improvements on the course over the last five years, some improvements will be seen right away and other will be seen over time, like cultural practices to turf and soil conditions.

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