LMGC Red Tee & Bridge

By Gary Peters Gary@GolfLMGC.com

All 18 holes are now open! Holes six through eight just get the Sun this time of year at such a low angle in the horizon it just doesn’t hit those area of the course sun it just melts slow with the wood blocking. So far, the comments have been great about our tree removals and pruning. As you will see the back nine is even open more in the right places for playable and pace of play. Hole 18 we move the yellow tees back 20 yards to the tee box with the white and blue tees. This is for safety as players are hitting the club house. We will be having a spring cleanup this year again. We will have prizing and the grand prize will be membership. Also, we will have chili and hot dogs and coffee and donuts

Also check out the lake Monterey Golf Course website as we have all the leagues and scrambles. https://lakemontereygolf.com/

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