By Stephanie Saypannha

The lake committee would like to remind members as they begin to prepare for a new season that it is important to consider the types of lawn and weed treatments used. Lake Monterey has a large watershed area meaning that even if you don’t live on the lake the types of chemicals you use on your lawn can seep into our lake. Fertilizer with a phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium level of 10-0-5 is recommended. If you do live on the lake it is important to not fertilize right up to the shoreline leaving a 5–10 foot buffer with no fertilizer, pesticide or weed killer. Other things you can do to sustain our lake and keep it healthy are not fertilizing before a storm if possible, leave vegetation at the shore to combat erosion, avoid excessive irrigation, follow application recommendations less is more. For more tips you can go to We are all looking forward to warmer weather and time at our happy place!


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