Golf Cart License Plates

License Plate Registration

The Golf Cart Registration Packet includes all of the information you need to know on the new golf cart license plate policy and registration process. You’ll also find quick link buttons to many of the key pieces of information, flowcharts, installation, and registration illustrations.

Golf Cart License Plates Sandy Pines Campground


Sandy Pines has implemented a system for Golf Cart License Plates + Yearly Renewal Stickers. By this time all members should have stopped by the Public Safety Office and picked up their Sandy Pines License Plates. You should have also received your yearly Renewal Sticker when you picked up your Renewal Sticker Packet from the Member Service Team. See picture below for more information on where to place your Yearly Renewal Sticker.

The mission of both Security Services and Emergency Management is to provide a safe environment for Members, Associates, and authorized guests.  Additionally, Security Services is tasked with preventing unauthorized use of Park resources and infrastructure.  Unauthorized persons and vehicles gaining entry into the Park present both a risk to authorized persons in the Park as well as placing a financial burden on both the company and Members.

The specific reasons for moving to a system of metal plates on the front and rear of the golf cart with an expiration sticker are:

  • To prevent unauthorized entry into the Park
  • To prevent unauthorized use of Park resources
  • To standardize cart registrations, display heights and display of numbers
  • To be able to quickly identify a cart which has been stolen or involved in criminal activity or rule violations
  • To prevent persons from owning more than two carts
  • To prevent persons from conducting unauthorized sales/rentals of carts by manipulating cart numbers
  • To provide a system to readily identifying carts with an expired registration
  • To improve the overall safety and security of members, associates, and authorized guests

Location of Yearly Golf Cart Sticker

You will receive a yearly golf cart sticker for your golf cart license plate. You will recieve 1 sticker per registered golf cart for your rear plate only. Please place the sticker in the top right corner of your rear license plate. See image below for example!

Additional questions, issues and concerns can be addressed by contacting or visiting the Sandy Pines Public Safety Office.

Registration Flow Chart

Here’s the step by step process with everything you need to know to get your golf cart registered. You can do it online at home or stop by the Public Safety Office at we’ll help walk you through the process!

Golf Cart License Plates Registration Flow Chart

Golf Cart License Plate FAQs

They are Aluminum Plates with raised black numbers, which represent the Site Numbers.

All Sandy Pines registered Golf Carts.

The charge for these Plates is at Sandy Pines cost and will be $7.00 for each plate. The total for both plates front and rear will be $14.00 per Golf Cart.

The Public Safety Officers have had a high incident rate of persons entering Sandy Pines illegally with fake Site Numbers on their Golf Carts.

Registration of plates was originally scheduled to begin on August 2019, with plates being required on all golf carts by August 2020. Due to COVID-19 distribution of plates was delayed. As of Monday, August 17, 2020 Public Safety Officers will begin scheduling license plate pick up appointments. Members have until April 2021 to have plates installed on all golf carts. Please note these revised dates have not been updated in the Golf Cart Registration Packet at this time.

The Member will be responsible for the installation of the plates by April 2021.  Vendors will be provided that will assist members in installation.

The Member will be able to Register their Golf Carts beginning in April 2020.  Golf cart license plates will be available to pick up at the Public Safety Office.

Members can Register online through Member Web Access, or in person with a paper Registration Form. Member Web Access is the fastest, most reliable way for you to make sure your information is correct.  If you do not have a computer or internet access staff at the Public Safety office will assist you.

Members may pick up the Registration Form at the Member Service Office or The Public Safety Department Offices in Phase One or Phase Three.

No, a Sandy Pines Vehicle Identification Number will be provided when the Member picks up the License Plates. The Sandy Pines Vehicle Number will be applied by Security Staff to the steering column of the golf cart.

The License Plates must be mounted in the front and rear center of the Golf Cart.

License Plate Minimum and Maximum Height.

Minimum distance of the bottom of the License Plate must be no closer to the ground than the Golf Cart Floorboard to the ground.

Maximum distance of the top of the License Plate must be no higher than eight inches from the bottom edge of the Golf Cart Windshield.

Trailers being pulled by a Golf Cart.

All trailers must have 3” site numbers matching the Memberships Golf Cart License Plate, as close to the center as possible, on the back of the trailer.

Several options exist for mounting license plates on a golf cart.  If you are unsure of how to mount them, contact a vendor to assist you in installation.

A list of Vendors will be provided to assist the Member in the installation of the License Plates.

A list of Universal Brackets, mounting parts and Venders will be provided to the Member to assist in mounting the License Plates.

If you replace your golf cart you must update your Golf Cart Registration.  If you don’t replace the Golf Cart you must return the Plates to the Public Safety Department.

The license plates belong to the membership site.  If the license plate is not returned the membership will be billed at the time of renewal.  To prevent from being billed for the yearly golf cart registration return the golf cart license plate prior to renewals.

The Park permits two (2) golf carts per membership.  People in the past have circumvented the rules.  In this case the intent is to prevent persons from sharing golf cart license plates with others to increase the number of golf carts they may use in the Park.

If Member decides to get another Golf Cart, the Member will need the plate for the Golf Cart. If the Plate is lost it will cost the Member $200.00 (each).

If the golf cart(s) are included in the sale the buyer will have to register the golf carts in their name.  The buyer and seller are responsible in the transfer of ownership.

Yes, there is a current $15.00 charge for a new registration, but no cost for the Plate because it would be transferred to the new Golf Cart.

Your site may only have two Golf Carts; therefore, you can replace the two Golf Carts you have, with two new ones in a calendar year.  You would have a $15.00 Transfer Fee for each Golf Cart.

No, the License Plate purchase is a one-time charge.

In 2021 there will not be a fee for the cost of a license plate, but a regular annual renewal registration fee will be charged.  At the yearly renewal, you will get a registration license plate Tab/Sticker that will go on your License Plate.

The Sandy Pines Vehicle Number must be placed on the Steering Column on the left-hand side, so the Public Safety Officer can see it clearly. Security Staff will apply the Golf cart vehicle identification number when the license plates are picked up by the member.

Members can receive assistance at the Public Safety Department or Member Service office.

The license plates remain with the site that corresponds to the site number.  If you have purchased a site you should obtain the license plates from the seller and register the license plates in your name.  If you do not obtain the license plates from the seller replacement license plates are $200 (each).

Temporary License Plates will be issued until the new Plates come in. The License Plates will only be ordered once a year at the end of the Season. When the new Plates are received at the start of the following Season, the Member will be required to turn in the Temporary Plate to get their new License Plate.

The Members will need their Sandy Pines membership Photo ID.

The charge for a damaged plate will be $100.00. The Member must turn in the damaged License Plate to get the new one.

The charge for a lost License Plates will be $200.00 (each).

The charges for lost or damaged License Plates are determined to defer individuals from purchasing additional Golf Cart License Plates for a third or more Golf Carts.

Yes, most of the Registration Form is drop-down boxes. You just pick your input from those boxes.