Annual Dues & Assessments 10/25/2019

The 2020 Season has been one like no other.  While the park faced many obstacles to reopen amidst the challenges of a global pandemic, through coordination and collaboration together with local governmental agencies, the SPWT Board of Directors and Administration and Management, the park has provided the membership and guests with a place for their families to gather and enjoy time together.

The financial statements for both Sandy Pines and Lake Monterey Golf Course have recouped the majority of loses incurred early on in the season, through extensive efforts of Management to provide a season minimally affected by the pandemic.  Please review the recording of the August Board of Directors meeting and Annual Update BOD Meeting for more detailed information.

FY2021 Budget Review

In August we presented the final Operational and Capital budgets for the 2020-2021 fiscal year to the Finance Committee and Board of Directors for review and approval.  These budgets have been posted on the website at

Specific items to note in regards to the budget focus for the 2020-2021 season include;

Sandy Pines

  • An increase of $14 to operational dues per the Bylaws in relation to an increase proportionate to the CPI Index 12 month increase for the Midwest Region as of March 2020.
  • Operational dues without any pass-through amounts (i.e. Capital Dues, Golf Course Assessment or Cable TV) cover 38% of operational expenses. The remaining expenses are funding through other revenue streams within the park.
  • The 2020-2021 budget reflects a close to even pick up with net expense on the bottom line budget, in comparison to prior year, to maintain the park’s not-for-profit focus of a balanced budget.
  • The park in addition continues to focus on maintaining a 180 day cash reserve, with investment decisions adding to park assets and overall value of the park.
  • The 2020-2021 fee increases include; North Shore Rental ($200), Camping Cancellation Fee ($50)
  • Capital Needs:
  • Includes the 2nd Phase of costs for the Northshore FEMA Shelter
  • Phase 3 Bridge – Safety concern for travel from Phase 6 to Phase 3
  • Installation of a new Drain Field – compliance response
  • Rental Pontoon Dock System – will be offset by corresponding income generated
  • Software Upgrade and Database Development – 5 years outdated and focus to consolidate current 4+
  • Camera System for Vehicle License Entrance – offset by corresponding income generated and reduction of current expenses related to maintaining the current outdated gate system

Lake Monterey Golf Course

  • Increase Member Green Fees per Committee and Admin Review
  • Capital Needs: 2nd installation of the well for the greens

Dues & Assessments

You will find your 2020-2021 Dues and Assessments, total of $1,896 billed on your September statement and mailed on October 1st.  Please refer to the outline within the Footprints and on the Sandy Pines webpage for the cost breakdown.  Payment will be due October 25th.  Sandy Pines does provide an option for six monthly installment payments to pay the dues, capital contributions, cable and assessments only in the amount of $327.88 (October through March).  The payment plan does not include any other fees and charges billed to your account each month.  Failure to make payments within the payment schedule, will result in the members’ ineligibility of using the installment plan and your remaining balance will be due in full the month following a missed monthly installment payment.  Continued unpaid balances can result in membership termination.

We appreciate your support and dedication to Sandy Pines and the Golf Course and send continued summer blessings to all of you!

You can find the 2020/2021 Dues & Assessments amounts and breakdowns at

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