Sandy Pines staff does not slow down at the end of the season. At this time, staff is remaining busy closing loose ends from a successful season, while preparing the way for the new 2022 season. Accounting specifically is wrapping up financial reports to present for the fiscal year and presentation to the Board of Directors, members and Independent Accountants review. The presentation of the FYE2021 financials will take place middle of December with the Review and tax file preparation the beginning of January.

This off-season specifically will be a busy time with the development and rollout of a new CRM database for the management of member information and corresponding Point-of-Sale and Financial Reporting systems. Currently, three separate software programs service these needs, but do not easily integrate nor feed data automatically from one system to another. This process is done through manual input and uploads, with extensive reconciliation processes. The efficiency with the new software platform will create a much smoother experience and provide relevant information easily assessable to our staff and membership. We will be looking to membership for validation of account information and your assistance and feedback will help in making this project a success. We look forward to providing more information regarding this rollout through this off-season.

Last month the 2022 Dues and Assessments were billed on the member statements. For your reference and information, below is the payment plan schedule if you have elected to make monthly installments to pay for your Annual Dues and Assessments. Your monthly payment this year is $335.14, and is payable on the 25th of each month, from Oct 2021 thru March 2022. This payment plan is allowed for dues and assessments only. To stay current within the payment plan, your balance owed at the end of each month for 2021-2022 must equal the following on each date listed below:

October 25, 2021 $1,626.90
November 25, 2021 $1,311.14
December 25, 2021 $990.64
January 25, 2022 $665.33
February 25, 2022 $335.14
March 25, 2022 $0 – All dues and assessments paid

All other member fees and charges billed to your account (outside of the annual dues and assessments) are due by the 25th of the subsequent month after being billed. You must add all other charges for services, electric, state unit tax, etc. to the monthly installment amount to stay within the balance plan displayed above. Payments can be made online through our website, by mail, within the Admin office drop box, at the Administration office (during regular business hours) or at the Rangers’ office. Please note a 3% convenience fee is charged for credit card payments made online or over the phone.

If at any time through the off-season you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or message us. Thank you all for being a part of the Sandy Pine Community!

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