By Kimberly Williams

Welcome back and blessings as we start our 2021 season with the celebration of our 50th Anniversary!

2021 Seasonal Renewals

Renewal statements were processed and sent with stickers, if applicable, to a paper invoice through the mail (unless indicated otherwise). Payments for these statements are due April 25, 2021.

I would also like to personally thank each of our members for your patience and diligence in keeping up with your accounts while our staff adjusts continuously in preparation for this season. Your commitment to Sandy Pines and support of our staff is greatly appreciated.

Payment Options Through COVID-19

As we begin the new season of 2021, and as of now, our Member Service office is open for accepting payments. The various ways we would like to direct you for payment is as follows; Online Payment through the Member Web Access
portal, Bill Pay through your personal bank, in office, through the Member Service drop box, or over the phone by credit/debit card with Member Service. The 3% service charge will be applied to payments made over the phone or through the Member Service Online Payment portal. A 1.5% service charge will still be applied on any unpaid balances past the due date.

Financial Statement Review

The Board of Directors will meet on May 21 to review the March and April 2021 financial statements for both SPWT and LMGC. An updated review of the financial statements will be provided to the membership at that time as well. At this time the Board will also be reviewing for first draft of approval the 2021-2022 season budgets. Please refer to the Finance page on the Sandy Pines website for all financial updates.

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