Community Outreach

A huge thank you to our Members and staff for all of your donations towards the Helen Devos Children’s Hospital. We brought a whole truckload of toys to donate the hospital, along with over $200 cash. Also a special thank you to our Senior Adult Activities group for volunteering to collect and organize all of the donations. We look forward to doing this again next season for Christmas in August! If you are able, please think about sponsoring families in need this Thanksgiving or throughout the holiday season. Our staff will once again sponsor 2-3 local families in need this Thanksgiving. If you are interested in helping, please contact Jamie Bogema our HR Manager at

Website Update

The Sandy Pines Website is our main hub for all things Sandy Pines! As of right now it is a bit clunky and at times hard to navigate. As development for the new Sandy Pines website heats up, we would still love your feedback! Please email with any recommendations or requests that you may have for the new website! We hope to launch before the start of next season so all members have some time to browse the new site and acclimate themselves with where everything is at. The goal of this project is to make the website easier to use so you always know what is going on at Sandy Pines!

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