The Big Finish for the very unique 2020 summer chapel season is as follows:

  • September 6 worship service at our Lakeside Chapel at 10:00 AM with Rev. Kevin Harbin
  • September 6 vesper program at 6:00 PM with The Martins
  • September 13 worship service at our Lakeside Chapel at 10:00 AM with Mike Gruppen

And so, a very unique and different season begins to wrap up.  Personally, I would like to give a huge thanks to:

  •  Our chapel Family who was flexible, encouraging, and so supportive.
  •  Our chapel Committee who worked so hard to keep our chapel a friendly yet safe place.
  •  Jeff, our park President, for direction and support.
  •  Our Sandy Pines Communication Staff for promoting our programs and helping us put them online as well as on our local TV channel.
  •  Dave Lynema for all the work he did in videoing and uploading our worship services.

Above all we give thanks to our God for all the blessings we receive right here at Sandy Pines.  With all that has taken place, it has been a wonderful summer of worship and celebrating what the love of God means to us.  We pray that next season we can again meet together in a more normal way.  We celebrate that our God is in control.  Blessings to all.

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