Absentee Ballots

All ballots are due at Member Service no later than 4 pm on Fri 8/20. Photo ID required for Member identification – i.e. Sandy Pines photo member ID card; driver’s license, etc.

Absentee Ballots Due

Annual Election

The Annual Election is 10 am- 2 pm. Each membership is entitled to one vote and members with account balances 30 days past due will not be able to vote until their balance is paid in full.

Annual Election

Annual Meeting

The meeting will be video taped and available on our SP Channel 27.2 for viewing.

Sandy Pines & LMGC Annual Meeting

Polling location

All Phases will vote this year at the lower level of the North Shore Center.

Annual Elections

Election Results

As soon as the results are available after the election, they will be posted on the Election Results page.

Election Results

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