Annual dues & Assessments

Annual Dues 2021 Due Date

2021 Dues & Assessments

The total annual membership dues, capital contribution, cable TV, and special assessment for the 2020/2021 season will be $1,896 and will be on your October 1st statement as follows:

2021 Annual Dues $1,210
2021 Annual Capital 200
Total Dues/Capital $1,410

2021 Annual Cable TV* $136
Special Assessment – Golf Course (6 of 10) ** 150
Special Assessment - Capital Reserve Fund (4 of 10)*** 200
Total 2021 Dues & Assessments $1,896

-The cost of living increase for the total annual dues/capital contribution is 1% or $14.

*At the annual election held August 21, 2010, the membership approved a requirement that all memberships be required to participate in the bulk cable TV program which reduced each members cost of cable by 43% in the first year.

**At the annual election held August 15, 2015, the membership approved a ten year annual golf course assessment to be used for golf course operations and capital assessments.
***At the annual election held August 19, 2017, the membership approved a ten year annual Capital Reserve Fund assessment; which shall be dedicated to capital expenditures, as listed and reviewed annually, on the 10 year Capital budget estimate, beginning in fiscal year 2017/18.

Payment Options

Full Payment

Dues, Capital Contributions, and Special Assessments are billed October 1st.  All charges to your account must be paid in full by October 25th to avoid service charges.

6 Month Payment Plan

Six monthly installments to pay only the dues & assessments in the amount of $327.88 will be due by the 25th of every
month October through March. Dues can also be paid in advance by making 2-5 payments, as long as you keep your
account at or below the maximum monthly balances outlined below:

2021 Dues

Monthly Payment $327.88
(Includes 1.5% interest on the unpaid monthly balance)

Monthly Maximum Balance

Monthly Maximum Balance
October 25   $1,591.64
November 25 1,282.72
December 25   969.16
January 25        650.90
February 25     327.87
March 25            0.00

Again, balances must be at or below these amounts.


Payment Plan Terms & Conditions

The payment plan option includes only the dues, capital contributions, cable, special assessments, and related service charges. The payment plan does not include any other fees and charges billed to your account each month. You must add all other charges for services, electric, state unit tax, etc. to the monthly installment amount of $327.88. As dues and assessments are billed and payable October 1st, a missed payment under the payment plan, 60 days from October 1st, will result in magnetic card deactivation and additional charges will apply for reactivation. Your payments on account are due in the office on or before the 25th of the month. Accounts 60 days past due result in deactivation of membership cards which are currently $35 each to reactivate. Failure to make payments within the payment schedule, will result in the member’s ineligibility of using the installment plan and your remaining balance will be due in full at that time.

SERVICE CHARGES: A service charge of 1.5% (18% APR) applies after the 25th day of each month on the unpaid balance on your account. Minimum Service Charges apply. We do not accept post-dated checks. Payment timeliness cannot be determined by postmark dates as we cannot guarantee timely delivery by the post office. Sandy Pines is not responsible for email statements that aren’t received due to users spam/junk mail filters or electronic transmission issues. Sandy Pines is not responsible for paper statements lost in the mail or those delayed by mail forwarding issues. Billing statements are available online through Member Web Access 24/7/365. We will not waive extra service charges due to conditions out of our control.

Sandy Pines Bylaws, Article III, Section 6, Effect of Nonpayment of Annual Dues, Special Assessments, Capital Assessments or Other Charges: The nonpayment of any annual dues, special assessments, capital assessments, or other amount due and/or owed to Sandy Pines by a member within sixty (60) days after the same shall become due and payable, shall result in the automatic termination or suspension of the membership, and all rights and privileges related thereto except the right to vote at annual or special elections. The terminated or suspended member shall NOT have the right to recover any monies from Sandy Pines.

Ways to Pay


  • There is no extra charge to make monthly payments on credit cards, by check or with cash at Member Service or at the Main Gate Public Safety Office. Member Service is open Mon-Fri from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. The Public Safety Office is open 24 hours a day and although they can take payments, they aren’t able to handle billing issues. Checks can also be left in the drop box on the north side of the Member Service Entrance. If checks are put in the drop box after 8:00 am on the 25th of each month, they may not be processed until the next business day.


  • Checks can be mailed to Member Service at 2745 136th Ave.,  Hopkins, MI 49328. Checks must be received and processed by 4:00 pm on the 25th of each month to avoid 1.5% service charges on the unpaid balance or to keep accounts from going delinquent. Please write legibly and make sure to add your site number to the note section of your check.


  • Most banks offer free online bill pay which gives you the ability to add Sandy Pines into your bill pay contacts and setup recurring payments. The bank will mail Sandy Pines a check with the amount and due date you specify. Please make sure to add your name and site number to the notes section of your check and allow time for proper delivery before the 25th.  Use your site number and last name as your account number.


  • Credit card payments processed online through your Member Web Access or by phone are charged a 3% processing fee. This fee is processed by our bank since online and phone payments are less secure forms of payment, unfortunately there is no avoiding the fee. However in the event you need to make an immediate payment on your account, this is a good option.

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