Advisory Committees



Advisory Committees serve the Park President and Board of Directors. Each Member may serve a three-year term ending September 30. Members may be reappointed for additional terms as approved by the Committee Chairperson. However, no person shall serve more than a total of six (6) consecutive years unless there is an unfilled vacancy. Each committee will include a non-voting representative of the Board of Directors. These committees make recommendations to the Park President and/or Board of Directors on matters of policy only.

Qualifications of Members of Advisory Committees are: knowledge, relative work or personal experience, leadership skills, ability to function in a group setting, and availability. (Refer to Section II, paragraph (d) of the Overall Committee Charter document).

Are you  interested in joining one of our committees? Please complete the Application for Advisory Committee form and submit it for review.

Building, Grounds and Lake

Chairperson: Kelvin Kronemeyer

Ensures the physical assets of Sandy Pines Wilderness Trails and Lake Monterey, and Lake Monterey Golf Course are managed to meet the needs and the mission of the same.


Chairperson: Ginny Hager

Reviews and monitors the income and expenditures of Sandy Pines and Lake Monterey Golf Course to ensure financial soundness, review and recommend an annual budget, recommend financial practices of investments, and policies.

Golf Course

No Current Chairperson

Monitors golf course needs and makes recommendations.

Long-Range Planning

Chairperson: Kevin Hager

Develops, researches and prioritizes the long-range planning processes to keep Sandy Pines progressing in the future.

Member Outreach

No Current Chairperson

Works to improve the overall image of Sandy Pines and to promote communication with the members.


Chairperson: Joel VanKalker

Develops policies for the park and its operations.

Rules and By-laws

Chairperson: Michelle Bengsch

Reviews current rules and bylaws for appropriateness and considerations for changes to same.

Contacting the Rules Committee:

Safety and Security

Chairperson: Rod Burch

Develops and executes the implementation of conceived or perceived improvements as they relate to the safety and security of Sandy Pines Wilderness Trails and Lake Monterey Golf Course. Strategies for change or improvement will be created to improve management of: (including, but not limited to) loss control, park protection pertaining to fraudulent use by members and nonmembers, unlawful entries, unlawful drug and alcohol use, and theft prevention.


Chairperson: Bob Powers

Plans, develops and implements advances in technology with particular emphasis on operations, communications, and safety/security.

Advisory Committee News

Jeff Sweitzer-London Photo

Welcome Jeff

Hello Sandy Pines members.  I am Jeff Sweitzer and I am blessed to be your next Park President. I am a West Michigan resident married for 25 years to my wonderful wife, Amy. We have 3 wonderful children, Kennedy a sophomore at Aquinas College, Rece, a junior and Elly a sophomore both attend Hudsonville High…

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