Outhouse Pump Out Services

Winterizations Full

Sandy Pines Maintenance Staff offers winterization services to prepare you trailer for the winter season. We start taking winterization orders in mid-August and perform winteriztions through mid-October. We are only able to accommodate 500 winterizations each fall and once we hit that threshold we are not able to take any new orders.

As of Tuesday, October 8, 2019 we hit our max order of 500 winterizations and are not longer able to take any new orders. Vacationland Sales and some other contractors on our Sandy Pines Registered Contractors List also offer winterization services although it is worth noting that while our Maintenance Staff performs a final pump out at the time of your winterization, other contractors most likely do not offer pump outs. If you winterize yourself or through another contractor, please make sure to schedule your final pump out before they’re done being offered for the season.


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