I Voted Election Stickers

Stand Up and Be Counted !  It is getting closer to election and voting time which is an important civic duty for us all.  We want to make certain that our members are Standing Up to Be Counted. Please make certain you are contacting your local township, city, county or state office to confirm you are registered to vote as well as counted in the upcoming Census.  This registration must be within your township, city or county.  As Sandy Pines members, you can use your condominium address as a permanent residence for voter registration and Census counting.  However, members of the park are not able to use their sites, P.O. Boxes or the administration address as their permanent address to secure voting registration or Census counting.  This would place our wonderful park in jeopardy of losing our seasonal park status.  If we were to receive calls from local government offices and the Census Bureau to confirm Sandy Pines as a permanent address, we would have to decline confirming that information which places you in jeopardy of missing out on voting and being counted. Please make sure you are doing your civic duty to establish the proper residence to Stand Up to Be Counted.

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