As the 2021, 50th Anniversary year comes to a close, I would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to our members and staff for yet another great season. Thanks to all of our wonderful members for the treats and kind words you shared with us during the summer of 2021. We appreciate you!

Thank you to the Staff at Sandy Pines for everything you do to make Sandy Pines the wonderful place that it is. We welcomed many new faces to our staff this year, in all departments. We appreciate the patience, understanding and grace of our members, as we strive to learn and grow to keep Sandy Pines thriving.

Thank you to Jeff Sweitzer, Park President, for your leadership and encouragement throughout the year.

Thanks to Ben Fifelski and our Maintenance Department, for keeping everything clean, beautiful, and properly maintained for your enjoyment.

Thanks to Keith Garvelink and his Public Safety Team and Steve Deyarmond and the Emergency Services Department, for all that you do to keep Sandy Pines safe and orderly.

Thanks to the Recreation Department, under the guidance of Nikki Hoogewind, for planning and pulling off all of the events and activities that you put together each summer. Lots of great comments about your 50th Anniversary events…the Foam Dance Party, the Scavenger Hunts, Trucks & Tunes, etc. Thanks to Roger Courser for teaching our little ones how to fish and for taking the time to mentor them. You’re awesome!

Thank you to our Member Service Team, Nicole Klinge and Abbey Kooiman, for all that you do. It was a difficult season, at times, with lots to learn so that you could ensure that everything works like a well-oiled machine. We appreciate you keeping those smiles on your faces – even during times of adversity!

Thank you to Kimberly Williams, CFO and Shannon Dykstra, in our Accounting Department, for making sure we’re being budget savvy and keeping us on task.

Thanks to Ian Mitchell, Communications Manager, for getting information disseminated in a timely manner to the membership and keeping the lines of communication flowing smoothly.

Thanks to Liz Robins, Sales Manager, along with Kent Livingston and Janele Tomes, of the Sales Department, for making everything flow smoothly during this fast-paced time of year.

Thanks to Jeff Hopkins, Park Inspector, for everything you do. You are valued and appreciated.

Thank you to Gary Peters and the staff of Lake Monterey Golf Course for keeping the Course beautifully manicured and ready for play. It looked great all season, despite the crazy Michigan weather!

Thank you to our Retail entities for providing us with not only items that we need…but also items that we want!

Thank you to Jack Schmidt, Park & Garden Manager, and his team for everything they do. We appreciate you!

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