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It is hard to believe that we are approaching the end of the 2019 season. It seems like yesterday that we were moving all of the product for the store into the new location. The new store has been a great addition, and has proved to be good for all concerned. Last year I was writing about members not knowing we still had bulk product and propane. Now this year, our sales have increased for both bulk products and propane.

We had record numbers of water softeners provided to the members this year and even with the slow start (because of weather) the marina and rental watercraft had a good year. We will continue to rent watercraft through September 28th depending on the weather. You will need to come to the rental office or call and leave a voice mail for rentals, except for Saturday afternoons. We will only be open on Saturdays during the month of September through the 28th.

Golf Carts will be available through September 28th but you need to call 48 hours in advance or rent with the online system. The office is no longer open with regular hours after the 9th so you will need to use the voicemail system or the online rental software.

Park and Garden will close for weekly business on September 8th and will only be open on Fri- day and Saturday during the rest of September. We close on September 28th for the season.We will have RV Antifreeze and Leaf Bags for your needs during September.

To those of you who need your boat removed from the lake before leaving, you can schedule boat removal for September. All boats that are removed by Park and Garden must be done before September 28th. If you need it after September it is an additional $20. Be sure to call and get your time reserved for removal.

We will be busy during September picking up water softeners for those of you that are closing up before October 15th. In order to get a discount on next year’s softener, be sure to stop by the Park and Garden and fill out your contract for 2020, and schedule the date for the pick-up of your softener. Next year will be the 8th year of the Softener program through the Park and Garden. We have not raised prices in those 8 years, but the time has come, as our supplier is raising our cost for the tanks. The 2020 season will be $180 for the season unless you put your order in before October 15th.If you order before you leave for the season, you will receive a $20 discount. The cost of install will be the same as it has been.

If you are returning your softener, please drop it off by the propane tank by the bullpen gate. Mark your tank with duct tape and include your site number so I can give you credit for the return.

Thank you for using the softener service for the 2019 season and be sure to sign up for the 2020 season before you leave for the year. You can sign up at the Park and Garden or get the form on the online web and at member service. It helps us to know if you are closing your site before October, so we can get over and pick up your softener. We have over 300 to pick up this year. Thank you!




  1. Lori (Lorna) Grzywacz on October 7, 2019 at 1:34 pm

    Hi I just want to confirm you received my water softener order for next year and that you are still picking up the softeners from the current season?? Mine has not been picked up yet, I also don’t remember if I had given a date for pick up either.

    Also what department does the pumpouts?

    My lot is 586. Thank you

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