September Maintenance Update

By: Ben Fifelski

The seasons sure do go by quickly. I hope that everyone had a great summer. It’s now getting time to begin thinking about your fall clean-up chores before you close up your site for the fall. We have leaf clean-up to take care of and be sure to get your winterizing done properly.

Leaves and brush can be taken directly to the compost pile at the Recycling Center across from the Main Gate or we’ll pick up leaves and brush placed neatly on the side of the road by your site as long as they’re stored in compostable paper bags. Brush should be stacked neatly with the ends toward the road.

The water in the Park will be turned off on October 15th. When we winterize the main water supply, we unhook all of the hoses at the main riser. Please make sure that your hoses are correctly marked for winterizing your trailer and also for hook up in the spring. It is important that you blow out the water line all the way to the riser when your site gets winterized.

If you’re getting winterized by Sandy Pines, please don’t use your tub or shower as a storage area. Many use this area to store cleaners which may freeze, thaw, leak into your trap, then refreeze and possibly break your trap. We also typically wipe all the excess water and antifreeze we pour in the traps which is difficult to do if you have things stored in that area.

As always, we have a long list of improvements to work on during the off-season months. I will keep you posted on our progress as we move forward. Please don’t hesitate to call with any questions or concerns that you may have. I can be reached at 616.896.8317.

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