LMGC Sprinklers & Sunset

September LMGC Update

By: Gary Peters

The water well at the Golf Course was recently completed. The Tees are holding their own and most have improved. We still have light issues on some tee boxes and also tree root problems. The tree root competes for water and nutrients on these tee boxes. We are hoping to rent a root pruning machine in the future for use by tee boxes and along some fairway edges.

This fall I will be renting a lift again to do some tree pruning on the golf course and also removal of some jack pines and cherry trees. We picked up a set of used verti-cutters for the mower allowing us to use them on fairways, which will greatly improve the turf density.

We also have new deli sandwiches available at the Clubhouse. We have Pretzel Clubs, Super Italian subs, Tuna Salad, Egg Salad, and a Turkey and Cheese sub. We also have Non-Alcoholic O’Doul’s in stock.

The Chris Simmons Hospice Fundraiser was recently held. We did an afternoon tee off with a dinner buffet and band, following the golf outing. We had 80 golfers and about 60 non-golfers that joined in the fun enjoying the buffet and the band. We extended the festivities by dancing into the night! The mission was to do what Chris loved to do. He loved to entertain his friends with a day of fun. Mission completed! This event raised $2 000 for Hospice!

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