Call Statistics and Type for September 2021

In September of 2021, Security Services responded to a total of 73 calls for service. The call types and information appear below.

Alcohol Violation: 1
Assist Other Agency: 1
Curfew Violation: 1
General Assistance: 2
Health and Safety: 2
Larceny: 1
Lost and Found: 2
Marine/Boat Complaint: 1
Medical: 13
Neighbor Dispute: 2
Open Door: 21
Misc. Rule Violation: 17
Traffic Complaint: 5
Illegal Entry: 2

Unauthorized Dumping

The Park continues to have a large amount of unauthorized dumping. Park Rules prohibit Members or Associates from bringing trash from outside the Park into the Park for disposal. We continue to have numerous violations of this nature, frequently involving truck or trailer loads of trash brought in from outside the Park. Security Services staff is continuously monitoring for these violations and issuing fines.

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