By Keith Garvelik

Call Numbers & Statistics

Call statistics and type for the Month of May 2021 In May of 2021, Security Services responded to a total of 131 calls for service. The call types and numbers appear below.

Lost/Found Property: 9
Illegal Entry: 10
Reckless Driving: 7
Missing Child: 2
Disorderly Conduct: 4
Curfew Violation: 1
General Assistance: 16
Medical: 9
Conduct Violation: 3
Neighbor Dispute: 3
Misc. Rule Violation: 5
Controlled Substance Violation: 1
Disturbance: 4
Open Door: 15
Parking Complaint: 4
Traffic: 2
Alcohol Violation: 1
Damage to Property: 5
Animal Complaint: 8
Suspicious Incident: 5
Alarm: 2
Boat Complaint: 3
Injury Crash: 3
Check Welfare: 6
Larceny: 2
Health and Safety: 1
Illegal Dumping: 1

Membership Card Use, Non-transferable

Members and Associates should under no circumstances allow another person use of their access card or use their card to allow another person access. Refer to the following section of The Handbook under Park Entry Procedures.

“Membership cards are nontransferable. Any person found to have an access card which is not authorized, will have the card confiscated or deactivated. Only the person’s name(s) that appear on the card may use the membership card to gain access into the Park.” A violation for this is 10 points and a $250 fine.

Vehicle Stickers

Vehicle stickers are available from the Public Safety Office without an appointment. If your vehicle does not have a vehicle sticker, please get one. If a vehicle does not display a guest pass or vehicle sticker it may be impounded.

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