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By: Keith Garvelink

May Incident Report

In the month of May 2020, Security Services responded to a total of 142 incidents.  The call types and numbers are shown below.

  • Abuse of Staff: 2
  • Security Alarm: 1
  • Animal Complaint: 5
  • Disorderly Conduct: 5
  • Domestic: 1
  • General Assistance Call: 15
  • Health and Safety: 1
  • Lost/Found Property: 3
  • Marine/Boating Complaint: 3
  • Medical: 11
  • Medical/Death: 1
  • Neighbor Dispute: 1
  • Noise Complaint: 1
  • Open Door: 39
  • Property Damage Accident: 4
  • Rule Violation: 19
  • Suspicious Situation: 7
  • Traffic Complaint: 11
  • Unauthorized Entry: 11
  • Check Welfare: 1

Guest Passes

Thank you for continuing to use the pre-printed (self-print) guest pass. It is speeding up the park entry for guests. Effective July 1st, we moved back to our original guest pass process and costs based on the excellent response from our community using the pre-printed option. Rates are $5 per guest pass (per day) and there is no cost to self-print at home or at the Main Gate. If our staff prints your pass, there is a $2 administration fee, so you’ll pay $7 total per pass (per day). Please remember if you still wish to have guest passes printed and picked up at the Main Gate, your guests must wear a mask when interacting with our Public Safety Team to receive their Guest Pass. No mask; no entry. Thank You.

Overflow Parking

Security Services continues to receive complaints regarding overflow parking.  One recurring issue is persons parking trailers overnight in overflow areas.  Please note this is prohibited by rule, and misuse of the designated overflow parking areas.  For reference, please see the section below regarding overflow parking from the Handbook.

  1.  DESIGNATED PARKING OVERFLOW AREAS (Amended 10/4/2013) Overflow parking: a. Overflow parking is provided for members to park vehicles b. Overflow parking is not intended for storage or sale of vehicles or equipment. c. Boats and trailers may not be stored overnight in overflow parking areas. d. The Park reserves the right to permit parking in areas when needed. 22 A. Phase I: 1. Area north of the Phase 1 ball field in front of the horseshoe pit area. 2. Southeast corner of Tee Pee (outdoor shelter) area next to drive. 3. Tree Haven Circle 4. Beechnut Circle 5 Sunset Circle 6. Monterey Lake Circle B. Phase II: 1. Site 951 (behind Convenience Center #4) 2. Baybreeze Circle C. Phase III: 1. Area at the end of Monterey Bay Trail northeast of outdoor picnic shelter. 2. From Site 1000 to playground. 3. From CC#5 to Site 1006 D. Phase IV: 1. Area across the street from the boat launch area. 2. Area north of the Dam on the east side of the road. 3. East of CC#10 – along Chippewa Trail on the East side and North of Iroquois Trail. 4. The inner curve between Cove Drive and Iroquois Trail across from (N-484 – K-16). 5. Pontiac Court 6. Island View court 7. Back side of CC#8 between parking lot and row of pines. 8. Circle areas from Site N-47 & N-44 E. Phase V: 1 The inner curve between Cove Drive and Iroquois Trail (N-484 – K-16). 2. Across from CC#11 between K-84 & K-88 3. Under the Power lines 4. Shawnee Circle 5. Saulk Circle 6. Cherokee Circle 7. Fox Circle 8. Fox Circle from site K-267 to well house. F. Phase VI: 1. Perimeter areas across from site D-049 to D-121 and D-161 to D-167 not to exceed farther than 30 feet from the Park roadway. G. Convenience Center Parking: (Amended 8/18/2017) No overflow/overnight parking at the CCs. A $100 fine will apply if you are in violation.

If you observe parking violations and wish to report them, please contact Security Services at 616.896.9006.  Our staff is present 24 hours and will investigate the complaints promptly.

Phase Three

I am happy to advise Members, Associates and Guests that Phase 3 station is now staffed from 10a-8p daily.  Wood is also available for sale there as well as at our Main Station.

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