Sales Manager: Mary Applehof

So happy to report that the sales office has been very busy!  We thought with the Covid 19 that the sales would slow down but everyone is realizing how special Sandy Pines is and wants to be a part of our Happy Place.

We are very busy, and we are realizing how hard it is to reach us. Please be patient and know that we are returning phone calls as soon as we are able.  We are purchasing a separate cell phone for the sales department so it will be much easier to reach one of us at all times.

The sales department is handling all for sale by owner and transfer paperwork as well.  It is really helpful if you could e-mail us all of your information including:  Site, sale price, seller’s names and e-mail addresses for each person, the buyer’s names and e-mails for each person.  This will help expedite the closing process.  For all sales, either through the park or for sale by owners, we run a background check on the new buyers and then need to order up an inspection of the site.  Please realize this process can take about 10 – 14 days from start to finish.  We try our best to get everyone finished ASAP and we also take them in order of sales so you may have to wait a little bit. For the inspections I again want to let everyone know of the change in the state fire requirements that your garage/shed must be 4 ft. from any structure.  Many of you have had your garage/shed built in the last 2 years and think that you are compliant, but this is a new 2020 rule that the state has implemented not Sandy Pines.  Unfortunately, we cannot allow any exceptions.

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