Thank You for a Great Season!

As the Recreation Department staff are back to school we appreciate all the team does to provide all the fun during the season! We enjoy reflecting on all the memorable events this season. Favorites include car show, Halloween, Christmas, Color Run, tiedye Tuesday, foam party, live music, family fun day, fireworks and holiday tournaments!

We also love seeing members and guests participate in daily activities like swimming in the pools, going down the water slide, climbing the ropes course, attending lessons and kids club, purchasing food from Happy Shack or renting equipment. If you have new ideas or suggestions for 2022 please email!

Off Season Reminders

  • Fitness room is open with member card access.
  • Putt Putt equipment is available inside the main hall of the recreation station.
  • Other equipment rental is available with a member card and $1 at the PSO office.
  • Pets are not allowed around the recreation station. A sign is posted at the entrance and applies to the entire area. No pets on putt-putt course, playground, tennis courts, basketball courts, pickleball courts, water park or area near the Happy Shack.
  • Please help us keep the courts in the best possible shape by only using them for intended purpose. No skateboards, roller blades, bicycles, golf cart, etc. on any courts.
  • If you are interested in being a lifeguard next year, please plan to get lifeguard certified by May 2022. You can look for those offerings at your local high schools, community ed offerings, MVP sports or YMCA, local community colleges, or search American Red Cross certified instructors. If you have a certification, please check to see when you need to get re-certified prior to expiration. You can become certified at 15 years of age

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