Severe Weather Information

Storm Ahead

Siren Testing

Sirens are tested the 4th Friday of each month at 11:00am. The siren will sound for 3 minutes.

Siren Activation

The siren activation is determined by Allegan County Emergency Management and Allegan County 911 Central Dispatch for severe weather threats, tornado warnings, chemical release accidents or hazardous waste spills. The siren will activate for three minutes every half hour until the threat has expired.

Tune to Local Radio or Television Stations

The weather siren is intended to alert persons in the outside environment and does not replace the need for individuals to monitor local television, radio or watch for severe impending weather. Consider the purchase of a NOAA weather alert radio to keep you and your family aware of severe weather events. Be aware of weather watches which indicate that weather conditions are right for severe weather to develop


Recreation vehicles, camping units, park models, pop-ups, and tents may not withstand the winds of a thunderstorm, or tornado and should not be used as your primary means of shelter. You may seek shelter in the nearest Convenience Center. The activation of the siren is not intended to cause panic or confusion but to alert families of a potentially dangerous impending weather conditions. Persons should seek shelter in a sturdy structure when the sirens activate.

Family Safety Plan

Please take the time to discuss a plan with your family which gives direction to family members of what to do in the event of a severe weather and where to take shelter. Advise family members what to do if at your site, on a golf cart or out on the lake. Your plan should also include where to meet after the storm. You may also include a relative (not in the immediate area) in which each family member may contact in the event that your family becomes separated.